Cheaters never win? Might that explain the Sox slide?

The New York Times reports on the innovative way the Sox allegedly used Apple watches.



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    i am a grown man. i don't "have a team". how can a grown man be emotionally invested in other grown men playing a game?

    i do know that the patriots and sox and yankees have a long history of cheating. brady, a-rod and ortiz are friends....three cheats in a pod!

    here's to another quick elimination of the Sox so the quality of life in the city doesn't go down in october. i am concerned about families and elderly residents of the city unlike suburban sports fans.

    Wait a sec

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    Haven't you claimed here to be a Denver Broncos, Chicago Bulls, and Ottawa Senators fan?

    I think you've got some growing up to do.


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    You mean they were texting each other and it was coming up on the watch...

    Wow. Super spies!

    This whole story is fucking stupid. The only difference is that they texted to the dugout instead of walking a post-it through the clubhouse like every other team.

    It's not even against the rules.

    Kinda sorta

    It appears that electronic devices like cellphones are banned in the dugout. But Apple Watches aren't, at least if they're not used as a cellphone. And, also too, iPads aren't, as long as their wifi is turned off.

    So the hyperventilation about the mere appearance of an Apple Watch in the dugout is just grandstanding. According to the Times, however, the Red Sox admitted using the Apple Watch in a prohibited fashion. You can steal signs all day, but you can't use electronic devices or magnification (e.g. binoculars) to steal or communicate the signs. None of this has stopped teams in the past, just like it didn't stop the Sox the other day.

    What's wrong with semaphore, I asks ya.

    No electronics or magnification

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    Unless that electronics and magnification is part of the TV broadcast signal (hey, look, the network owned by the Red Sox/Yankees/whomever just introduced a new online mode where you can choose which camera you want to watch instead of the live feed!)....

    I mean it was okay for them to watch instant replay and run the information out to the dugout by hand, but texting to the guy in the dugout instead is a river too far? Talk about the absurdity of archaic rules.

    I am shocked

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    to discover that somebody has actually discovered a useful application for Apple Watches.

    I didn't expect

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    To be the only person who thought of it. But I have never been on reddit in this life, and never will.

    Or, in simpler terms: fuck off and die.