Chinese musician seeks her lost erhu

Jingwen Zhang with erhu

Jingwen Zhang, a music therapist from China, flew into Boston Saturday and took an Uber to Allston. After she got dropped off, she realized she'd left her erhu in the car and now it's missing. It's a long, skinny stringed instrument (you may have seen an erhu player at Downtown Crossing or by the bridge in the public garden) and it was in a rectangular black case:

erhu case

She'd love any leads, of course.



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    Open your Uber app, look at your trip history and that will give you the drivers information. Additionally under the settings they give you an option to contact Uber regarding a lost item..


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    She states in the linked Facebook post that she has reached out to Uber already.

    Yes, read *all* of the page

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    If you read the comments as well, you can see that - as of about 11am Mon - she had not directly contacted the Uber Partner Support Center in Boston (who maintain a Lost-and-Found), as they left a note for her on her page suggesting she do so.

    I really hope she gets her instrument back. It's kind of hard to imagine that anyone who found it in the car wouldn't appreciate that someone had lost something important to them.

    It wasn't her Uber account

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    She states she shared an Uber from the airport with someone she'd met traveling and doesn't have a name/contact info for them. They used their Uber account.

    I've tweeted at Uber to encourage them to really talk to the driver and the subsequent passengers rather than stopping at "I didn't find anything" since we're talking about something really irreplaceable.

    Uber is going to have a hard time tracking down the driver

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    Yeah, it sounds like she essentially hitched a ride with a friendly stranger. If she has no record of the ride, and only a vague idea of who the driver might be, Uber is going to have a hard time figuring out who to contact. Hopefully her driver notices the left behind instrument and brings it to central lost and found.

    No they aren't

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    She knows where she got in, where she got out, and the time.

    There's no way they can't piece it together from that in their logs.

    From her Facebook

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    Uber claims to have identified the driver, who just said, I dunno, I didn't find anything, and Uber has left it at that.

    Thanks, Uber

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    Well, her next bet would be to get them to disclose the driver and file a police report.

    If Officer Friendly knocks on his door instead of an Uber support rep, maybe he'd remember better.

    Otherwise, I hope it's insured.

    I left a $200 bottle of Utopias that I got for Christmas one year in the back seat of a rental. When I called the next morning after realizing the error, I got the same response. I chalked it up to a life lesson, but I could see how she might not be ready to let go so easily.

    I hope those bastards appreciated the amazing flavor profile of my brandy-like beer. It was the last $200 I'll ever lose to the Budget on Linden and Brighton in Allston.

    Did She Even Put It In The Car?

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    Your forgotten bottle of beer sounds like something a finder would easily grab and slip into their own bag. An erhu however, is something that has a much narrower interest among the general public — most people wouldn't want it!

    Not that I don't have sympathy for her plight, but she was obviously not paying much attention to who she was with or where she was, so she may have been equally oblivious to where all her belongings were at any given time.

    What are the odds she lost it somewhere else in the airport, before she even got in the Uber?

    For the past several years I

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    For the past several years I've enjoyed listening to the elderly gentleman in the Public Garden play the erhu. A lovely instrument... hope she finds it.

    i love that guy too, he's

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    i love that guy too, he's awesome. i last saw him during the freedom rally, he was jamming out like crazy