Ciommo could face opposition in Allston/Brighton

Brandon Bowser of Allston has registered his campaign for the District 9 City Council seat (Allston/Brighton) currently held by Mark Ciommo.



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Very little social media engagement

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His Twitter feed is a PR newsfeed.

He doesn't engage constituents via current methods. He hasn't spearheaded anything for A-B at the city level that I have ever been able to discern. He's been there for 10 years and all I can tell he does by his own websites, Facebook, and Twitter is get invited to things because he's their City Councilor.

He puts out no opinions, he pushes for no discernible improvements, he makes zero waves. He's just there.

Does nothing

Agreed. On the few occasions when I have contacted his office I've gotten little response and zero help. I would be very happy to see some serious challengers for his seat.

Ciommo has been pretty

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Ciommo has been pretty consistent over the years, has wrangled the universities quite effectively (more students on campus instead of in the neighborhood, good visible community benefits). Helped raise the residential exemption by like $400 (not insignificant recurring savings for homeowners). I see him around, every halloween he has the best candy (Brighton Center).


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He wrangled the schools?? Into doing what every other school is doing these days because they can get larger and larger fees on room and board and keep students on campus spending more money and all they have to do is build an apartment building?

Mark Ciommo

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The average response time for a paramedic ambulance in the neighborhoods within the shadow of City Hall is under 6 minutes from the time the call is made. In Oak Square, the average response times exceed 15 minutes. To put that in perspective, the young lad who was hit in the chest by a baseball in Charlestown survived because CPR was started by the father, Boston Fire was able to restart his heart with an AED and a Paramedic was able to insert a breathing tube that restarted respiration all in a very timely manner. If that same incident had happened at the Oak Square Park, the lad would likely have not survived. An elderly person suffering from congestive heart failure or a child with a severe alergy reaction is equally at risk because Brighton has no ambulance based in our neighborhood or a paramedic manned unit capable of reaching Brighton in a meaningful time. Mr. Ciommo told me last year, it would be fixed! It has not. I always thought the first responsibility of public servants was to protect your constituents. That's not the case when it comes to the EMS response in Brighton. We are recklessly overlooked, all 45,000 of us!