Citizen complaint of the day: Not something you want to see in your toilet

A skeeved out citizen files a complaint about the state of his or her toilet in an apartment on Hyde Park Avenue in Roslindale:

I found a rat in my toilet. It must have come through pipes with recent drilling in the neighborhood. The condo is dealing with some extermination indoors. I have seen rats outside on Hyde Park Ave. as well, drilling outside through city projects should not create rodent issues inside homes.



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    Dead or Alilve

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    The most important detail is missing.. And what did the citizen do with said rat?


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    I used to think this was an urban myth...

    snakes too

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    Many, many years ago a boyfriend of mine had a pet python - Abraham, about 5 feet long. One day (long story) he got out of his case and we couldn't find him. 3 months later, he showed up in the upstairs neighbor's toilet bowl and died a few days later of kidney failure. If that doesn't skeeve you I don't know what will.

    I read a globe article once

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    I read a globe article once during the big dig stating that, in some older buildings on Beacon Hill, there are still very old wooden toilet seats and covers. These covers have latches to lock them shut. The inner surface of these covers often have scratch marks assumed to be from rats.