Cleary Square to get some more housing

The Board of Appeal today approved plans to replace a three-family house at 7 Dana Ave. with a townhouse project of 12, two-bedroom units, one set aside as affordable.

The board unanimously approved the proposal, although board Chairwoman Christine Araujo asked for some plantings to screen what she said would otherwise look like "a very suburban, motel-looking structure."



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Does Anybody Know...

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...what the building on the corner of Dana and HP Ave is ever going to be? It seems like they have been building it for years (where the old Eagles lodge used to be). I can't visualize retail there. As for the apartment building at 7 Dana, if it looks like a Motel that will be horrid. Is there a drawing of it accessible anywhere? Also, does anybody know the ETA of when the supposed stoplight is going to be put at the Dana/HP Ave Intersection? And finally, any activity going on at the abandoned pub? Maybe with all the new apartments someone might want to have another go at it.

They relaid the sidewalk

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As I found out while running last night. The residential looks like it's up and running. The apartment building has (had) the problem of the retail staying vacant for a long time looking for the "right" tenant. It'll be interesting to see how things play out.

Abandoned pub to become catering

My wife just informed me tonight ( while eating at the Fairmount Grille) the former Briar Rose will become catering for a place expanding from near the Muni...not sure how much of the space they will use.

Fairmount Ave

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I wish they had completely screened those lifeless prefab boxes on Fairmount Ave near the station.... Where was Christine then?


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How is affordable defined? Is there a metric that is used?

Plantings are great

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and all, but why not require the new building to be designed so that it fits better into the neighborhood?