Cleveland Circle pizza place gets five-day suspension after more BC kids found with beers; faces another hearing next week

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday ordered a five-day suspension for Agoros Bar and Grill on Chestnut Hill Avenue for a July 14 incident in which BPD detectives found three underage BC students enjoying some draft Bud Light.

The suspension comes atop seven days worth of suspensions the board doled out in May for similar incidents in February and April, and a one-day suspension for an incident in January.

This coming Tuesday, the board has another hearing scheduled on a citation issued by detectives who say they found an under-21 customer with a vodka on July 20.

At a hearing earlier this week, Agoros co-owner Dimitrios Liakos said he is taking several steps to stem the tide of underaged BC students that have besieged the place since it opened last fall, including hiring the same security company used by Cityside and looking to hire off-duty Boston cops on weekend night to scare the kids.



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This is getting ridiculous

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Fake IDs are incredible now & bouncers & bartenders aren't trained Homeland Security Agents . Discipline the kids more aggressively or lower the drinking age. Stop hurting these businesses.

Boston College reputation

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BC is raising their students to be liars, with no consideration for the impact of their lies?

Sure, we need to fix the drinking age and culture, but we also have an integrity problem among the affluent.

When Will They Learn...

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If you are going to drink underage at least have the decency to order something better than Bud Light or some other tepid, horse piss swill. Honestly, what's wrong with Jameson? A Jack & coke?

Remember, kids! Liquor gets you shitfaced quicker!


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just maybe they like that shit?


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A Jack and coke is a hell of a lot more expensive than a Bud Light at most bars.

Or could be that

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a). They're too young to understand that Bud Light is a poor quality "beer",

b). They're too broke to afford anything that is actually a quality beer (or hard liquor),

c). They're too lazy or indifferent to care, or

d). Any combination of the above.

PBR is dirt cheap in liquor stores

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and it's a more than passable pale lager, better than the more expensive, big name adjunct lagers. Expensive Euro pale lagers are not anything to write home about, at least by the time it ends up on this side of the ocean.

Ales? I like ales, but in warm weather I prefer a pale lager. Ales don't refreash the way a crisp larger does. But ales have been pushed for some time now by 'craft' brewers as a more posh, sophisticated brew; marketers making people insecure about what they're seen buying and drinking.

Wheat beers, white Belgium ales, etc. These were originally created to be drunk on special occassions, holidays, not everyday. And they aren't the most popular beers in Europe or the world as a whole, pale lagers are; and believe it or not, American Adjunct Lagers like Bud sell very well outside the U.S.

If you're at a bar enjoying a

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If you're at a bar enjoying a drink you bought using a fake ID, and a cop walks in and asks for your ID, can you decline asserting your 4th+5th amendment rights?

Sure, it's like driving a car

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If you're driving a car, and the cops pull you over and ask for your license, you can totally say "no, I'm sorry, officer, constitution" and they have to let you go.

See how that goes.

(Okay I have no idea if this makes any sense, but if you're at the bar and are asked for your ID I assume that it is a reasonable request.)

They're pretty relentless

I think it was Det. Mulvey but these guys came into a bar one late afternoon while a few of my friends were sitting around having drinks. Our friend who had just ended her shift was also with us. They walked over, plainclothes and tapped on my shoulder and just said "ID." I said I had already been ID'd at the door and the detective without a word flashed his BPD badge. We all start to hand around our IDs, except for the friend who had just gotten off her shift, she did not have it.

Rather than you know, ask the manager at the time about her working there and just getting off her shift, they proceeded to berate her about her age, where she lived, on and on. Finally they radio into dispatch, give her info over radio and I guess somehow confirm shes of age? After that they say "Hey just, doing our jobs."

Sure would be nice if they treated traffic enforcement with the same level of scrutiny.

Not sure I like the idea of the police

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pulling drivers over only because they THINK you might be breaking the law. Which is precisely what Mulvey and his assistants are doing when they question bar patrons.

But here's the thing

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They might have suspicion. I doubt there would be an issue of someone was drinking tonic.

Cops pull people over all the time who they think committed big crimes. They just check to see if all the lights are working or follow them until they commit an infraction. Same thing.

Drinking in a bar does create situations where there might be the suspicion of an infraction taking place. It's just how it goes.

What the hell is wrong with the proprietors of that pizza place?

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Seriously, if this particular pizza place has had several hearings and three suspension due to copious underage drinking, something's not right here.

Hiring off-duty cops to get tougher on the kids might not be a bad idea either. It seems that the owner of the pizza place himself hasn't learned anything if he's getting another hearing, and a third or fourth suspension for serving alcohol to minors.