Cleveland Circle pizza place gets six-day suspension for yet another underage drinker; could face roll back in hours

The Boston Licensing Board has ordered a six-day license suspension for Agoros Bar and Grill on Chestnut Hill Avenue after yet another hearing on a young'un found with a drink in hand.

That's on top of separate five-day and one-day suspensions the board had earlier ordered for similar incidents involving underage BC students at the pizza place, which is now barely a year old. The board employs a system of "progressive" suspensions - each new suspension is harsher than the one that came before it.

Next week, the board holds a hearing to determine whether to roll back the restaurant's current 1 a.m. closing time because of all the incidents.

At the hearing on a vodka-swilling 20-year-old last week, Agoros' owner and attorney said its days of letting too-young BC students in for drinks were over, now that the place no longer employs BC students, has acquired a sophisticated scanner that supposedly "intimidates" the pre-21 crowd and taken steps to keep kids from sneaking from the by-the-slice area into the bar area.



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Actually, no

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A couple of years ago, the board threatened to shut Mary Ann's. The bar hasn't had a problem since - which may have something to do with getting rid of all the young employees and replacing them with people old enough that they're not likely to have any friends going to BC.

A strange thing about Mary Ann's

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I was in front of the bar just yesterday. There was no signage of any kind. I was convinced that it was closed (I mean, it was noon on a Monday, so sure, but closed in general) when I saw a handwritten sign with rules or something.

Perhaps the low profile has something to do with the new reputation.

Hey, it's like Baseball...

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18 strikes and you're out...maybe. Ok one more chance!

SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN ALREADY. Clearly they don't give a rats ass. Go in front of licensing board every couple months for a wrist slap and keep printing money every night.

They Agreed to It

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They willfully under no duress agreed to file for a liquor license with the government. Part of that binding contract agrees that they may have to forfeit said license if they are committing agreed to infractions. If you don't agree with the terms, don't sign the contract.


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Lower the drinking age to that of other developed countries outside of the Arab world, and tighten the screws on drunk driving baby boomers.

Problem solved.