Condo, commercial building approved for Savin Hill Avenue

Savin Hill Avenue proposal

Architect's rendering of stars over Savin Hill.

The Board of Appeal yesterday approved a developer's plan to replace a commercial building and two houses with a nine-unit condo building with retail and office space on Savin Hill Avenue at Sydney Street.

However, developer James Baker will have to go back before the board for a separate approval for the restaurant he wants to put in the building - the board said it only approves restaurants with takeouts when it has full plans on the proposed operation.

The new building will have one handicap-accessible unit with six two-bedroom units and two three-bedroom units, along with 13 parking spaces for residents and two for the retail and office space. Baker and his attorney, John Pulgini, said they are working with the neighboring Cristo Rey High School on a plan under which occupants of that space and customers could use the school parking lot when the school is not in session. In exchange, Baker has agreed to improve and maintain the lot.

The mayor's office and City Councilor's Michael Flaherty and Annissa Essaibi-George sent representatives to the hearing to voice their support. Nobody spoke in opposition.

110 Savin Hill Ave. small-project review application (9M PDF).



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Even I hate the whole car/parking thing, but I even have to chime in on this.

9 Units and 13 parking spaces??!??


This is INSANE.


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Is some of the parking for the business? Even so. Less parking. More housing.

Retail parking

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So you want to limit the business to only customers withing walking/Red Line distaince? They're negotiating for added retail parking when school isn't in session. What's your issue?

Cars are great in the suburbs and sticks

Let me guess: You're also the sort of person to complain about traffic on the roads and lack of affordable housing in the city, right?

You can be pro-car and anti urban parking lots.

one handicap-accessible unit

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one handicap-accessible unit

With parking for it and everything? Good to hear it. With so much of the housing stock in this city being converted triples and houses from 1900, and the abundance of narrow sidewalks, nonADA stations, and the RIDE being a bandaid at best, the handicap have even more limited options than the rest of us

20 years ago in school

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we referred to it as Savage Hill.

Somerville was Slumerville.

Times change.