Construction starts soon on apartments next to Fairmount train station

The Bulletin reports on the imminent construction of the Southwest Boston Community Development Corp.'s 27-unit affordable building next to the Fairmount train station. The then BRA approved the project in 2014.



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They said everything except

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They said everything except exactly where the building will be. Is it on the south side of the station?

Not sure of directions

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But it's where those condemned buildings are, behind the auto-repair place on the side of the tracks that is not next to the river.

To the west, no?

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I'm happy that this is getting off the ground, but I'm kind of surprised that they didn't have to jump through the hoops again de to the lapsed time.

Good point

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Check the construction, they have time

Might As Well Say Hyde Park Station

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Its faster to walk to the Hyde Park station and get on a train for South than it is to wait for the Fairmount Line next door. H-P needs better local representation if the Fairmount Line TOD is to thrive. Pamela Miles came out against Foxboro service because it meant suburban riders would be seated and city riders would stand. What does she think happens at Chelsea, Malden, Quincy, and Porter? WTF?

Boston TOD doomed by Walpole confederates

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The motley crew of Walpole confederates, oh, um, I mean "rebels" have been spreading that sitting & standing talking point across Boston. They've been told to screw-off in most places. However, Mela Bush took the bait hook line and sinker. It's time for Bush to pass the torch. This project is TOD without the T if the Fairmount line stays as is.

Talking point from the CLF, not Walpole

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Walpole did not make that sitting and standing talking point. It was authored by Rafael Mares from the Conservation Law Foundation. The comment shows just how little Mares and the CLF understand transportation; hence the wasted 3.9 billion: Greenbush + GLX. This TOD project is DOA thanks to Mares.