Contender for the West Roxbury Parking Hall of Fame

When Sheila Fay went shopping at Roche Bros. today, she found somebody had attempted something amazing even by the exacting standards of the store's parking lot: A car whose driver managed to take up four parking spaces.

Alas, the judges later had to deduct a full point, because, as Susan Krasker Ellsbree shows us, somebody else managed to squeeze a car (granted, a small one) into one of the spaces.



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Oh, you know it

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Now excuse me, I have to go listen to some indie album that's way cooler than yours.

I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean

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But what kind of person makes fun of the quality of other people's cars? It sounds like something from a spoiled teenage brat, but aren't you like 60 years old? You must be so proud of the un-crappy car you bought for yourself with your hard-earned dollars - can you post a picture so we can compare it to this one?

I would ...

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But it was T-boned a week ago, so it's now at some insurance-company lot in Taunton, since it was declared a total loss (I'm sure you're worried about injuries - to set your mind at ease, I can assure you nobody was hurt). Don't have the replacement yet because we only found one to buy yesterday.

In any case, I'm not the one taking up three and a half spaces at Roche Bros. If I did, I would fully expect a complete range of insults.

As for what I meant, guess you're not a Taylor Swift fan, huh?

I think the point was more

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I think the point was more that you occasionally see this with really expensive cars, where sometimes people park them across multiple spots like this so that no one else can park next to them and risk getting a door scratch. It's still a hilariously overt jerk move, but at least there is a logic behind it.

With a crappy car, you don't have even the bad argument of not wanting to see it dinged.

I think I saw the driver's

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I think I saw the driver's cousin in CT this afternoon.

I was driving back from a weekend in NJ. Took a rest area stop on 95, was treated to the very special sight of somebody who drove into what I'd guess is an 80-space lot, drove past at least 10 empty spaces near the entrance to the lot, to park their 12-passenger Ford van (Massachusetts plates) in one of the two "electric vehicle only", charger-equipped, Tesla-sponsored spots at the end of the lot closest to the building.

Actually, they parked their 12-passenger van in both "electric vehicle only" spots.

I'd cut them some slack if it was a question of somebody in their group having a mobility issue and all of the HC spaces being full, but I watched her and her whole family or church troupe or whatever they were get out of the van and walk into the building - and nobody had any such issues.

Guys - stop creaming your pants over this...

This car belongs to an older gentleman who was giving someone else a jump start - yes I personally was there yesterday morning to verify this.

Sadly, I will likely think twice in the future before helping a stranger out with a jump if I'm required to park awkwardly for short cables to reach both batteries out of fear that my car/license plate will end up on and some righteous soccer mom's Facebook page....

Don't like Roche Bros parking lot either but everyone should put away their 'jump to conclusions' mat and suspend judgement sometimes.

Is it that hard to move your

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Is it that hard to move your car back into a proper parking space afterward though?

Especially in a busy parking lot like this one.

Doubt it

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Seriously? Where are the jumper cables then?

Actively giving a jump start is one thing (although that can be accomplished by driving nose to nose, dear). Leaving your car there is ridiculous.

I'm calling bullshit on your little story - you clearly have no idea what is involved in a jump start.


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were you there? Cool on calling someone a liar. Yeah, the guy should of parked his car correctly. But again, no big deal. We all fuck up (i.e. do stupid things) sometimes, correct? Dear. Or are you immune to doing dumb things?

Yawn... figured someone like this would chime in...

Ha... come on, really - you just believe things that are to your liking I take it. Or you think I'm popping up just to protect someone who takes 4 spaces. Do people like that (in your world) exist even?

How much can you gather from a picture which is really a moment in time without context? Apparently you assume an awful lot out of ignorance.

From what I gathered, the picture was post-jump. When I happened by this car, it was hard not to notice the park job but upon seeing the cables I (and prob others walking by) didn't give it a second thought.
I'm not the type of person to stand there waiting for some action that is feed worthy on my FB page or blog. I have a life and don't snap pics for FB in outrage while circling a parking lot for the closest avail. space.

This guy is guilty of helping someone else out and not moving his car quick enough for certain people so they don't have to walk an extra 20 yards to their beloved Roche Bros.

Posting this guys personally identifiable information (i.e., car make in combination w/ lic. plate #) is the real bullshit.

No good deed goes unpunished is the truism for this I believe.

What else you got besides your expertise on jump starts? That they should magically reappear when someone is circling the parking lot and decides to take a picture? That would be truly impressive though I doubt that is possible.

Please explain

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Where and how it would be possible to jump another vehicle from this parking job?

You can't because you don't know what you are talking about.

I'm betting that this "elderly man" is someone that you know and that you know they should not be on the road. But, hey, its your conscience when said elderly driver kills somebody and you did nothing to stop them.

You figured it out... sigh

It's a conspiracy so my 'friend' can park like a dbag and get away with it in public opinion.

Alex Jones and Steve Bannon said it would work - I'm a fool for trusting them

Elmo, I have a full time job...

I'm not retired and can't spend time doing the tit for tat with your crowd.

go ahead and knock yourself out being an internet sleuth...

Maybe Roches will give you their security feed if you ask nice

Wait a sec

You guys are all retirees that post on here during the day? Well I'll be a monkey's uncle.

Adam - let's test this theory out, post something about which version of NCIS is the best one...

That makes no sense

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If you are telling the truth, then the owner is still a moron for not just parking next to the car needing a jump. Side by side, nose to nose, catty corner...any of these would be as close if not closer than the way this car is parked unless the other car was all over the parking spaces too.

He's parked in the MIDDLE of 4 spaces. At least ONE of those would have been closer than where he is if the other car is parked in any of the surrounding spaces and broken down.

Hopefully not

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That means "confused elderly person driving" - very dangerous.