Criminal helps feds catch another alleged MS-13 member

A man whose actual identity remains in question faces federal racketeering and gun charges as part of an overall federal and local investigation that resulted in dozens of indictments last year.

A second man was also charged with new MS-13-related racketeering charges in an indictment released this week.

In the indictment, a federal grand jury charged that the first man, who has a variety of aliases, including Tony Colon, Henry Enrique, Anderson Chacon and his alleged MS-13 street name of Scooby, and who allegedly entered the US illegally via Mexico, sold a gun to an informant in 2015. Federal law bars illegal aliens from possessing firearms.

The indictment also charges Scooby and the second man, William "Humilde" Pineda Portillo, of engaging in at least two unspecified acts of racketeering as part of their membership in MS-13, an El Salvador-based gang blamed for at least six murders in East Boston and nearby communities, several of them of teenagers.

In an affidavit, an FBI agent says Scooby was snared thanks to a "cooperating witness" who agreed to wear a wire as he bought a gun from him on April 29, 2015.

The affidavit specifies that the cooperating witness had some issues of his own: He had a criminal record before the investigation began and even as he was working with the feds, he committed "unauthorized street robberies." Still, his work was valuable enough that the government agreed to provide him and his family with "immigration benefits" that let the enter and stay in the US and to put them in the witness protection program.

According to the affidavit, Scooby was taken into custody on Feb. 27 of this year, when a Massachusetts state trooper active in the MS-13 investigation recognized him walking down Everett Avenue in Chelsea - almost a year after the trooper had conducted a "field interview" of him in East Boston.

Scooby allegedly became very nervous and appeared ready to bolt as the trooper talked to him, and gave a different name than he gave in East Boston, at which point the trooper conducted a pat frisk and found a knife in his backpack. The blade was longer than 2 inches, good enough for an arrest under a state law banning such knives in public.

In addition to murder - done as part of the gang's battles with the rival 18th Street gang or as an initiation rite - MS-13 is also charged with drug running. Earlier this week, the feds charged that one of the locals picked up in the sweep was actually a national MS-13 leader - and had helped arrange the murders of two local teens.

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Offer US Citizenship to any non-violent non-citizen who offers information that leads to a conviction of these MS-13 thugs.


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Instead lets go after sanctuary cities and make it far less likely anyone will report gang members while also deporting the non-criminals in their communities, because if there's one thing that will help stop gang recruitment activities, it's at-risk youth losing a parent to deportation!

Good Point

How foolish of me to suggest that if ICE is going all gestapo anyway we might as well use it as an advantage to getting people to speak up instead of shielding the very people who actually be deported.



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How foolish of me to suggest that if Whitey is harassing your sister's family anyway, we might use it as an advantage to get people to speak up rather than shielding the very people who will kill them anyway.

Want to stop gang recuitement?

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Eliminate the reasons adolescents and young adults join gangs. Not to say that the desires for power, wealth and status will disappear. We have a President who proves that point. But just as capitalism is supposed to harness greed to create wealth that hopefully would be well distributed we need a social system that provides room for anyone to develop a sense of power and status and connection but in a manner that is creative and productive, not destructive.


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Because MS13 could barely get recruits for the past 8 years.

on the surface, fine

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but to get the kind of information that will lead to convictions, you need to be directly involved and know gang operations from the inside.

not to mention the fact that, gang member or not, collaboration with law enforcement will get you and your family, friends, associates, neighbors, etc.. murdered. the only semi-realistic implementation of this kind of plan would be to offer asylum to entire families.