The culinary breakthrough you've been waiting for: Self-folding pasta

The Globe reports MIT researchers have developed pastas that can change their shapes when water is added.



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@lbb; So you live in or near Boston, want to read the news, but don't want to pay *anything* for it?

I say pony up and pay for a Globe subscription, or at least don't swear at them when they put up a pay-wall.

PS- I do wish newspapers would set up a micro-payment system. While I read the Globe (and Herald) most days and don't mind paying for it, but $30 is a bit much for someone who may only read a couple articles per week. The ability to pay $0.10 or $0.25/article would be great in those situations, and at 4 articles per day would match the full $30/month rate.

I will pay $30

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to see Olympics scam shill Shirley Leung fired.

Until then, the Globe has no credibility, and is not going to see another dime from me.

at the risk of sounding small-minded

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I don't know what this is, other than foldable, but it's not pasta: gelatin plus cellulose does not equal pasta.

I don't insist on durum wheat semolina, but pasta should be made from grain: wheat, buckwheat (soba), or rice are all reasonable choices. "Two sheets of gelatin that dissolve to produce a broth" might be a nice lunch, but don't try selling it as noodle soup if the "noodles" vanish before I can eat them.