Curious George gets to stay in Harvard Square after all

Cambridge Day reports on a deal that will keep the Curious George bookstore in Harvard Square, rather than crushed under the weight of the square's incessant luxury chainification.




But it's really gone already

The actual bookstore no longer exists — just a tourist-trap souvenir shop. The original closed in 2011 and its replacement is all about the brand marketing, not about selling children's books.


All the interesting stores are long gone. Unless I'm heading to the Brattle I don't even go to HS any more...

I'm a 1990 MIT grad and about

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I'm a 1990 MIT grad and about the only place left in Harvard Square with at least a bit of soul is Charlie's Kitchen. Good music on the jukebox, a couple of beers and a stack of double cheeseburgers. Otherwise, why visit the area?

Mug-N-Muffin 2.0?

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Mug-N-Muffin 2.0?

It could be really cool!

It could look just like a bank but be a coffee shop!