Da, Citgo Sign could soon be owned by the Russians

CNN explains.



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    I refuse to support this

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    I refuse to support this until the Russians influence me to feel differently.

    Never fear filthy human,

    Never fear filthy human, despite being fervent nativists and avian supremacists by nature, inalienable freedom will always be protected beneath our mighty wings for our sympathizers.



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    Just like Denzel Washington said "If you don't watch the news, you're uninformed & if you watch the news, then you're misinformed" specifically referring to CNN, MSNBC, & Fox....


    Re: CNN

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    Aside from everything being Breaking News and there sometimes silly chyron, what exactly is wrong with CNN?

    I am not sensing these posts

    I am not sensing these posts are truly genuine query, but a rhetorical rebukes. I have a post I was able to find back from people listing them. The main thread used to have a top post, that list them in detail. Though it is deleted now, but the subsequent chatter still exists.


    That said, the second best comment I can find that lists out CNN, is this one. Though I wish the original still exists as it does list in a way say has a bias. But a bias doesn't mean the examples are false.


    There are two layers in your

    There are two layers in your comments by your response.

    The first layer is your merely contesting on operation you interpret the original commentator is just overtly claiming that the news story is false. And if you are genuinely just asking for him to back that claim up.

    The second layer - and the way I wrote my comment is to respond with interpretation that you were you asking (or rhetorically asking) the original poster to explain why the original poster was loathing CNN (or mainstream media as he also listed FOX and MSNBC).

    I'm pretty sure the original poster was expressing a general loathing of CNN rather than directly claiming this particular news posting is false. Else he could have straightly said "This Russia buying Citgo is false" or something like that where you can read it and ask to back himself up. The original post saying "uninformed" and "misinformed" should indicate he is conveying a different point.

    May not even happen.

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    PDVSA (Citgo's parent) has two court judgments against it over the nationalization of oil properties during Chavez' rule. U.S. courts have repeatedly upheld the awards, when PDVSA appealed them.

    The awards have not been paid and it would seem likely that the two plaintiffs could possibly go after Citgo's assets as a result.

    The Treasury Secretary, chairs the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment and there are members of Congress who have already contacted him to investigate the Rosneft transaction.