Day is done

Water sunset

John Gage watched the sun go down this evening.



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      Ah - a Romulan Bird of Prey

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      Ah - a Romulan Bird of Prey (Original Series) seen in silhouette when they carelessly allowed themselves to be positioned between an observer and the sunset..

      Just marvelous.

      Clearly, this is Obama and Hilary's fault for pursuing toothless negotiations and sanctions. They just believed anything the Praetor says and in the meantime the Romulans kept developing their cloaking technology and now we've got Mark Lenard cruising our airspace.

      This is why it's so critical to have strong leadership. Trump will enforce the boundaries of the Neutral Zone (and he will make the Romulans cover the costs)!

      I love this photo

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      So much in fact that I want you to provide John Gage's address so that I can send him a spirit level to attach to his camera. In all seriousness though, great pic.


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      Another, even more fabulous photo of a sunset! Cool!