Dazed hawk found at the Arboretum is recuperating, possibly after eating poisoned rodent

Hawk at the Arnold Arboretum

Mitch and Lis describe what happened after they found this hawk just sitting on the ground near the main building at the Arnold Arboretum on Monday.

It appeared to be in shock, and with the help of a man who lives alongside the Arboretum, we managed to safely put him in a box and drive him to Tufts in Grafton, MA. We were told the next morning when we called to check in that the hawk had apparently ingested a rodent that had been poisoned, and the toxins were spreading throughout his body. While it appears serious, there’s hope and possibility that he may survive, and his prognosis would’ve been better had he been taken in immediately. It seemed as though employees of the Arboretum were aware of the hawk from the get-go but were unsure of what to do; they mistakenly assumed there was nowhere they could take it on a Sunday or Monday, but a few minutes of research led us to discover that Tufts has 24-hour intake for injured pets and wildlife, and it is there that the hawk - whom we’ve named Arnold - now resides until he (hopefully) recovers. Please, if you find wildlife that appears to be in need of help, either contact the appropriate authorities, or if you can manage to capture and store it in a safe manner, do so and take it to the nearest wildlife clinic.



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              ( and Best Wishes for a speedy recovery, Arnold! )

    Thank you. I hope we get an

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    Thank you. I hope we get an update that he survives.

    New England Wildlife Center in Weymouth is another good place.
    Not sure if they are open 24 hours though.
    But worth a phone call when you find an injured animal.
    I took an injured possum there once, 3 of the babies made it.

    I’m confused

    Did they not know the marvelous Angell Memorial was literally around the corner, open 24 hours a day?


    but, hear me out here, what if I had say a bird of prey that, speculating again, was hungry... can they help with that?

    Asking for a friend.


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    Because wildlife can't pay the bill.


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    They know to point people to a place that is open and takes in wildlife ... gotta start somewhere, yes?

    Hawks are awesome

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    So glad that it got taken to the appropriate location for care before someone's "well behaved" and "totally under control" off-leash Little Fluffykins got to it.

    This is a problem.

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    We've been seeing fewer raptors / oppossums in my neck of the woods lately (Somerville / Spring Hill area). Wondered about that, along with the declining squirrel population along with dead rabbits nearby.

    Turns out, at least one neighbor decided to take matters into their own hands, just tossing some sort of poison out in their yard. Not Good.

    Another nearby option

    Again, this is probably not for wildlife, but if you have an injured domestic animal Mass Veterinary Referral in Woburn is another 24-hour emergency vet clinic in the area.

    An update

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    Arnold has passed away :-(


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    oh sad :( thank you for the update.