Denzel Washington flick filming in the South End

Denzel Washington equipment in the South End

Molly S. snapped some of the equipment today for "Equalizer 2." No word if the actor himself is in town (he was supposed to be filming in Marshfield in November), but we hear part of the plot involves him battling bank robbers from Charlestown and the trouble he has just getting there because he keeps getting detoured.



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    Should be...

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    ...The Sequelizer.

    As an aside, I thought The Equalizer was alright at best.... but were people really clamoring for a sequel to it??

    Oh, my...

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    .... bank robbers from Charlestown!

    Newcastle Court, I think

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    Apologies if I'm wrong, though. I could, of course, just ask the person who took it, but that would be the easy way out.

    Massachusetts Avenue & Columbus (by New York Pizza)

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    Shooting has been most recently happening at Mass Ave and Columbus. This was after Amy Schumer wrapped I Feel Pretty so I have to believe it's this project. I was just Googling to see what project might be shooting at that location right now.