Developer wants to tear down three buildings on West Broadway in Perkins Square

A developer is telling the BPDA it wants to tear down the buildings that now house, among other things, Nick's Pizza and the Family Dollar on West Broadway and replace them with a single building with 44 residential units, first-floor retail space and a parking garage.

In a letter of intent, attorney George Morancy says 463 West Broadway, LLC's project, which would run from 459 West Broadway (the Family Dollar) to 469 West Broadway (a nail salon), would conform with what he expects will be the new height and density that should be called for in an anticipated rezoning along Broadway.

The proposed garage would have room for 48 cars.

The letter triggers a two-month period for the developer to file a more detailed project-notification form.

457-469a West Broadway letter of intent (1.2M PDF).



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With the family dollar gone

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You'll now have to pay 5-10 times as much for your body wash, antiperspirant, toothpaste, creamy petroleum jelly, cookies, candy, soda, energy drinks, light bulbs, laundry detergent,........

No you won't.

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body wash, antiperspirant, toothpaste, creamy petroleum jelly, light bulbs, laundry detergent - get those from Amazon or Costco.

as for cookies, candy, soda, energy drinks...shouldn't be buying those anyway. city should tax the crap outta those things because they are unhealthy.

I know you're a troll, but

I know you're a troll, but costco and amazon both have yearly fees. People shopping at family dollar cannot afford a yearly fee just to shop at the store. Plus, both amazon and costco sell those types of items for well more than you can get them at super markets such as market basket. They sell convenience. Not discounts.

yearly fee

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People who shop at the dollar store can't afford $8.25/mo for an Amazon Prime membership?


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Your opinion is so important to me......if you wouldn't mind, can you make a list of all unhealthy things so I can make sure to exclude those from my life? I don't buy any of these 4 things you mentioned, but want to make sure I don't overlook other things.

Feel free to include things that should be banned, and I'll work on self-banning those.

Thanks in advance

Why would the toothpaste, etc

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Why would the toothpaste, etc that I buy on amazon get more expensive now that we get rid of that dump of a family dollar?

At what point will they

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At what point will they realize there are enough condos and Southie is already over populated? What will family dollar be replaced by? Another bar so yuppies can line up on a Sunday afternoon to get drunk. So sad what Southie has become it's pretty disgusting.


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the only thing that should be built in south boston are:

1. residential units for ownership (not rentals) that are a minimum of 2,500 sq. feet and 3 beds and 3 baths.
2. Green Space.
3. Bike lanes.
4. Bus Only Lanes.

no apartments, no garages, no 1 or 2 bedroom condos, no nail salons, no bro bars no pizza shops.

and start charging for parking on broadway. allston, dorchester and south shore bros are parking here for free all night so they can be obnoxious in our neighborhood.

I'm dizzy

The discourse around development is so far down the rabbit hole that I genuinely cannot tell if this is a joke.

not a joke.

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South Boston is overdeveloped and does not need any more development that caters to car drivers and bros.

luckily the rents are so high now the bros are being gentrified out of the neighborhood.

but everything caters to someone

For example, a 3-bed 3-bath in Southie caters exclusively to multi-millionaires.

Agree that we need better public transit and higher parking fees though.

We need more of those.

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For example, a 3-bed 3-bath in Southie caters exclusively to multi-millionaires.

it would be great to have more multi-millionaires as neighbors. they are typically intelligent, not obnoxious, nice, don't flip cigarette buts and scratch tickets on the side walk, don't throw loud parties, don't go to bro bars, they will create a demand for more upscale restaurants and bars....etc.

A zoning change is often

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A zoning change is often different than what many of the average residents want for their generally area.

There's many investors buying

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There's many investors buying them up. Just because people want to live somewhere doesn't mean it's practical to build everything given density, traffic, congestion, and land.

Another yuppie mill...

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44 units - 48 spots - I guess the entire building gets to have a maximum of 4 guests with cars for the entire property - Look for another POS building resembling a pile of shipping containers made of matchsticks SOBO!

Who Wrote the Zoning Code?

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I've done some research and found that the lawyers who re-wrote the Zoning Code are the same ones getting these projects pushed through the Zoning Board. Is this legal? When their done with Southie they'll come after the rest of us.

In other southie news Lazarus

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In other southie news Lazarus and phoebe shit faced on east broadway yelling at each other beating each other with Brookes brothers flipflops.Zumba lesson at Farragut park free sponsored by starbucks.Free gelato at Capo this weekend 5 9pm.Whole foods raffling off im a yuppy from southie t shirts.Corn hole tourny at Carson beach free i.p a for everyone name trevor.Does this sound like southie....Ps im watching.Yuppy exterminator