Developers propose 363 new apartments as part of rebuild of senior building on Roxbury/JP line

Proposed new building at 125 Amory Street

Developers have filed a proposal to add 363 apartments - roughly 40% of them deemed affordable - in three new buildings as they work to renovate the BHA's current Amory Street Apartments for senior citizens at 125 Amory St.

In a "letter of intent" filed with the BPDA dated June 12, but only received yesterday, Amory Street Partners, the Community Builders, the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corp. and Urban Edge say they will file more detailed plans within the next two months for their proposal, which calls for three buildings up to six stories high with 353 new apartments - 125 to be marketed as affordable - and 10 new affordable units limited to senior citizens to be built in what is now BHA office space on the site.

The proposal also includes a complete rehab of the current building, which houses 199 seniors.

The developers are proposing 262 parking spaces, three new private roads and "a linear park adjacent to the MBTA Orange Line."

Amory Street letter of intent (642k PDF).



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Egleston Square?

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I would never have put that location in the square. Jackson Square if anything.

Not for years

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Bikes not bombs moved down Amory street across from Green St station probably 10+ years ago. The old bike sign still hangs from their former building, though.


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So at least my eyes didn't deceive me.

I need to get an old bike over to them. Although I appreciate the need for a strong defense, they do good work.

In between

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and if you've walked around the area, it's an easier, more pleasant walk to Egleston Sq.

East Boston can use new

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East Boston can use new Senior living apartments just like this one , instead all the new housing in Eastie is for those yuppies who can afford them.Time for substantial amount of new housing for seniors in Eastie!!

Ward boundaries and demographics

Not to get all Zak 2.0 here but I'd be interested to know how the recent boom in housing across the city is changing the demographics of the various city wards and how that maps out to the elected officials in the city.

125 affordable apartments is

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125 affordable apartments is a good thing. They would have the space and money to make even more affordable units if they got rid of all or most of the 262 parking spaces, which typically cost tens of thousands of dollars to make each. The building is right by the orange line, after all.

I mean, I feel like if anyone

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I mean, I feel like if anyone has the excuse to say "I need a car", it's elderly people who may not have the physical stamina to live that walking Boston lifestyle.

They might also not have the

They might also not have the vision or reaction timing necessary to drive. That's a lot of parking spaces, especially so close to a T stop.