Developers propose replacing rental-car lot with 300 residential units in East Boston

Two development companies this week signaled their intentions to replace an Avis parking lot off McClellan Highway and Addison Street with two residential buildings.

In a letter of intent filed with the BPDA, local developer Gate Residential and Bulgroup Colorado of New York say they would use a roughly 3.2-acre rear section of a block that also includes a building housing a fitness center and a church. The current parking lot butts up against the Brandywyne Village development, but access is through a driveway off McClellan.

The developers, who are proposing 2,000 square feet of first-floor commercial space, will detail their plans in a "project notification form" to be filed within the next two months.

175 McClellan Highway letter of intent (193k PDF).



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So, how many hoops do these

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So, how many hoops do these groups need to jump through after filing a letter of intent?

And do we really need a mini-Assembly Row next to the Suffolk Downs version of Assembly Row?

Eastie needs an assembly row

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Eastie needs an assembly row at Suffolk downs , as of today , Slip65 condos on the Eastie waterfront has sold over 50% of the units prices from $500k to $999k and they continue to sell, these people that will be living their want options , their not going to shop at Liberty plaza.. So the other option would be Suffolk downs ,it will have a better selection of shops that will cater to the high end clientele which are the new people moving in that are paying astronomical prices for an average 700 sq ft condo.


Wow , no public

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Wow , no public transportation stops anywhere near there.
Noisy intersection, gas tanker trucks driving by every 5 minutes
Plus the oil stench from nearby oil farm.
Poorly lit highway at night.


Wow , no public

Wow , no public transportation stops anywhere near there.

Orient Heights. Wood Island. 120 bus, probably others.


OH yea, Try walking to wood

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OH yea, Try walking to wood island 7 blocks away in blistering cold temperatures crossing highway and all the bull shit traffic..


13 minutes

It's a 13 minute walk to either station. 0.6 or 0.7 miles. No highways. Bennington street is big, but it's usually pretty easy to cross and has good, wide sidewalks.

I get that's out of the range of some people, but it's not exactly a hero's journey. You can calm yourself.



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...I walked to either station hundreds of times during the worst weather to catch the train into work in Boston and even walked during the Blizzard of '76 to Maverick Station because the others were closed.
Not a big deal.

NO convenience stores

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NO convenience stores anywhere on that road , nice planning!!!! It's all about the money with these greedy developers, no safety concerns for tenants what so ever.
Would you rather live a short walking distance from a convenience store or walk on a DANGEROUSLY BUSY ROAD to get to White hen on Byron street the nearest convenience store.


that White Hen is now a 7-Eleven and has been for a while. White Hen doesn't exist anymore. I'd walk there on Addison and Saratoga streets, not on McLellan Highway.

Somebody needs a fitness program

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Seriously. I walk a half mile to get to a bus to get to work, or a mile to the train and half a mile from there.

I'm a fat middle aged woman, and I do this in all weather. It isn't a problem. Ever.

You need to see a doctor if you can't walk for 15-20 minutes (unless you already know that you have a disability, and that would be an issue).

So, what do you propose?

As mentioned, the 120 bus is there, walking and cycling are options, and any of those three modes are viable to access Orient Heights. My guess is that the commercial component will be the focus on the highway side of the parcel. Brandywyne Village and several big, fairly clear lots are all ripe for development here. You have to start somewhere to make a [extension of a] neighborhood. Do you just wait forever, or kick it off with a starter investment?


Yuppies cycling on McClellan

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Yuppies cycling on McClellan highway I can see it now,
That entire stretch of A1 has always been depressing!!
All I see are Cheap Hotels, Freight companies, gas stations and other airport related business on A1, if they place a 300 unit building on A1 they might as well add an exotic dance club, a steak house, and everything that's on ft 1 Saugus.


Cycling on 1A, probably not, but cycling *across* it to get to Chelsea (and Market Basket), quite likely. I hope it doesn't take a fatality to get a proper signalized crosswalk here.



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And ... it is legal.

If you cannot cope with following the road rules and waiting your turn, you shouldn't be on the road.

Home Rule Petition

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They need a home rule petition and they need to properly post the roadway.

I was pretty confused and

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I was pretty confused and ready to blast you for misplaced sarcasm until I clicked for big. Sheesh, no painted lines, nothing? Is that even legal? I feel sorry for the little dude on that sign, let alone any human who tries to follow his example.