DigBoston employees, investors look to take over company

DigBoston News Editor Chris Faraone writes they hope to take over operations from Jeff Lawrence, who announced a couple months back he was looking to sell Boston's remaining alt-weekly/Web site.



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    I hope these folks can bring The Dig back to life, and

    it has only a little to do with how an earlier version of it gave me an early start as a food writer and restaurant critic.

    Boston needs a thriving alt-weekly voice. Whether you loved or hated The Phoenix (another former employer), you must acknowledge that it, like the Dig, cultivated a ton of talented journalists and critics and essayists and editors.

    I sorely miss those pointy-headed, snarky, shaggy, multi-culti, hilarious collections of smart young (and not-so-young) writers' voices. I can't imagine that many intellectually-curious Bostonians feel stimulated or satisfied by our current local print-media options: John Henry and the people that keep unspeakable fat-headed boors like Howie Carr in clover.

    Break a leg, kids! I'm rooting for you.

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    I remember Dan Kennedy doing solid work

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    At least he's still around and doing good work in another venue.

    With the Globe cracksmoking editor inexplicably tearing down their Chinese wall, rather than chucking Shirley Leung over it, there might be a new real opening for first-rate local journalism.

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    Chris Faraone is a fascinating guy

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    He's laser focused on good investigative journalism, looking in places larger media companies don't bother to dig. He's also a nice guy with an interesting life journey.

    If you get a chance, buy him a beer and have a listen.

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    -- Chris Faraone

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    But I have known him for 20 years.

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