Dog left in hot car in Jamaica Plain dies

WCVB reports ISD inspectors responding to a complaint found the dog in a car on Burroughs Street near Jamaica Pond today; rushed the dog to Angell Memorial, but it was too late. The owner could face charges.



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    In a truly just world

    The person who did this will die a similar death, only to find that the torture continues on in the afterlife.


    Eye For An Eye? I guess Fishy has got some competition for most outlandish statement maker.

    You have a weird sense of justice.

    We don't yet know the circumstances...

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    .. of how this happened. In a just world there is no rush to judgment and IMHO, no afterlife either.

    I wouldn't wish this sort of death on anyone, no less a helpless animal. And it nearly happened to my dog when a dipshit former friend of mine was taking care of her. Thank dog for my wonderful neighbor who called the cops who got her out of his car. No excuse for the dipshit friend, but I know of someone whose car was stolen with his dog inside.
    Eye for an eye never solved any problems. May this incident serve to raise awareness and prevent future deaths and suffering.

    I'm rushing to judgment

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    Investigators are not releasing the dog owner's name, but said he is from California and works in Massachusetts. The man faces felony animal cruelty charges, and if convicted, the charges carry a fine plus up to seven years in prison.

    How many times does something like this have to happen before awareness is raised? It happens too often and still idiots leave their pets in hot cars. Maybe and eye for an eye in this instance would do better to raise awareness.

    People. Make. Mistakes.

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    Sometimes I'm sure animals (and children) are left out of callous disregard.

    But sometimes it's a genuine mistake. People make 'em. We work to minimize mistakes, but we're all going to keep on making them.

    Sometimes it's even out of ignorance. There have been situations where the pet (think: cat or small dog) sneaked into the car and kept quiet for the ride -- the owner had no reason to believe the pet was even in the car.

    You call killing a mistake??

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    Leaving a living thing - whether a child or pet - in a hot car when everyone knows or should know the consequences is much more than just a mistake. And I hardly think a pit bull would be so quiet in the back seat that the driver wouldn't know it's there.

    But here's the thing

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    Seemingly every summer there is a story of this happening to infants. The parents suffer greatly over that loss. No one wants that to happen, but it does. I don't know what happened in this case, but there is a chance that the owner honestly spaced.


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    We saddle you up like a horse and whip you into racing. See how you like the animal/person abuse you encourage with your racing slips.

    Yeah, not pitchforks time

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    I'm sure the circumstances will be investigated, and taken seriously.

    In the meantime, regardless of how it happened, probably someone is devastated that their pet died.

    Not revenge

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    I don't see any thing is what she said that she meant it as punishment. That's how you think, so you read stuff into it. Nothing says that it should be done to the person, only that it would be just if it happened somehow.

    And the circumstances don't matter. It should never happen to anything. You don't leave pets and kids in the car if they can't get out.

    Re: John Costello, I guess Fishy has competition

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    Mr. Costello, are you the pot or the kettle black? In terms of outlandish comments, among many others, your disparagement of the Boston EMS who had gathered on their own time to honor their deceased comrades, and then comparing them to dogs, was a new low for this site. I hope the EMS and BPD newsletter Pax Centurion follows up on your comments. That should help your real estate business.

    To add insult to injury, you insisted that EMS was merely a job, not a vocation, seemingly ignoring the hundreds/thousands of hours of training and experience and lives saved by our EMS, both publicly and privately employed. They deserve our admiration, not your attacks from the gutter. Speaking of outlandish, it's odd that you would refer to me on a thread where I hadn't commented. I really don't pay attention to you unless challenged and would ask the same.


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    How I the world did you have that link just ready to go to some random comment from years ago? Creepy but impressive.

    Sucks to hear about that dog. Especially sad when the helpless suffer. I'm sure the owner is heart broken so no need to harp on about him/her meeting the same fate.

    Impressive but not creepy

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    When you serve alongside the likes of our brave EMS and firefighters, uncalled for insults etch in the memory. The only thing creepy is the original comment by Mr. Costello. I didn't have the link "ready to go" but Adam provides a Google search of the site at the top right. It tookj about 30 seconds. Fish didn't want to take the bait (pun intended) but being singled out for outlandish comments by someone who has made despicable comments in the past, elicited a response.

    "uncalled for insults etch in the memory"

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    uncalled for insults etch in the memory

    If you're the grudge-bearing sort, I imagine they do. Got everything to do with the kind of person you are, and fuckall to do with who you served alongside, though (or claimed to serve alongside).

    Hey Fish

    I won't pile on you like others do around here, because game recognize game, but John Costello is the best commenter on UH.

    Aw, come on...

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    I'm right here, Will. How you gonna do me like that?

    You're top 10

    And I have no problems with you, but John Costello never told me to "go (expletive) yourself."

    I'm with you Swirly. You have

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    I'm with you Swirly. You have to be a dingbat to leave your animal in a car in this heat. It's an intentional selfish act not an accident.

    It's possible

    It's possible the person was stupid, made a horrible mistake, and didn't understand how fast the car would heat up. As a result they now feel absolutely horrible about losing their friend and that mistake will weigh on them for the rest of their human life.

    If you live under a rock

    I don't know how this person feels but the fact that you should never leave a A living being in a car that is not strong enough to open the door rolled on the window is pretty well publicized.

    It's Been Widely Enough Publicised.

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    To the Point where the DC Folks are looking at making it a Law against leaving Little Things in Cars for "brief visits."

    One of the most horrible screams I ever heard was from a former executive from an old work place (Not for Profit Human Services, by the way), on discovering that she'd left her two dogs in her car in the parking lot, and the ambulances were called. One dog died on site; the other had to be put to sleep a little bit later.

    It's a damn dog

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    It's not like this was a person or anything. Yah it's not great to let a dog die, but this is far below capital punishment. I don't even think this warrants jail time.

    Ok and this jerk Lunchbox is

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    Ok and this jerk Lunchbox is why we are all rushing to judgement. Some people just suck and there are no excuses for them. It's just a dog....WOW. Please people raise your kids better than this.

    Just trying to be rational about this

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    Every single day, countless animals die horrific, painful deaths. Unless you're a level 5 vegan, chances are you're at least indirectly responsible for many such deaths. Nobody's calling for the death penalty on people who use mousetraps, or run over a squirrel with a car, or step on an ant walking down the street.

    A dog is just another animal. If it's not your dog, its death doesn't really affect you. It's certainly not grounds to call for capital punishment - that's just asinine hyperbole.

    Suffocating your own pet in a

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    Suffocating your own pet in a car is not humane. When you adopt a pet then you have responsibilities and if you neglect those responsibilities then there are consequences. Well let's all hope so. Too many people want a pet but don't want to care for them and keep them safe. Do you really think that suffocating and scorching a dog is the same as someone accidentally driving over a squirrel???

    No! — A Dog Is Not Just Another Animal

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    Dogs give back to us through their unconditional love and in their faithful, fearless service.

    Of course, SwirlyGrrl wasn't serious about imposing capital punishment, but just expressing a thought that I'm sure fleets through many people's minds, when hearing such a story.

    Unlike wild animals or vermin, humans have a special relationship with all domesticated animals. Of those, dogs are deservedly, in a very special place, where they often touch our heartstrings.

    and yet...

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    humans have a special relationship with all domesticated animals

    And yet, in America, we willfully mistreat the vast majority of them until we unceremoniously kill them and eat them.

    (pssssssttt... farm animals are domesticated too)

    Or not.

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    I can see how a dog owner would be just as upset as if they lost any other family member.

    Or not. Have you ever seen someone intentionally abuse their dog? I have. Thankfully rare, but it happens.


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    he could get up to seven years (per this morning's news report). So your comment is erroneous.

    Dangerous job

    "Crews along with Boston police responded and the dog was rushed to Angell Memorial Hospital where they were pronounced dead."