Don't fire until you see the tops of their high rises

Minutemen firing muskets in downtown Boston

Ted Folkman watched the musketfire downtown as the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company held its annual June procession.



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    This is how they used to discourage people from casting shadows on Boston Common.


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    Forgot about the parade......about 10 minutes ago i heard booms, but first i looked out the window, thinking it was a thunderstorm.

    Most people in my office

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    had the exact same reaction. And after telling them about the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company's tradition, I had to explain to some of them what the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company is.

    Colonial Cosplay

    I was at the corner of State and Congress when they rounded the corner. There was a school group nearby and the kids were seriously pumped by the volleys.

    Street Canyons

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    The rebounding echoes were pretty amazing.


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    Very little risk in what he did. He's priming the pan. That means there's no powder in the barrel yet and the flint hammer isn't full cocked. There's no way to fire. And he was also still holding it at an inclined angle.

    These things have to have everything go right in order to not misfire (meaning not fire, not meaning go off randomly). Hammer has to strike steel cap above the pan and open enough to drop sparks inside the pan where enough powder is located to shoot fire into the breech hole to light the main charge. The frizzen can't be wet. The flint can't be wet. The pan can't be wet. The powder can't be wet.

    What's worse...

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    You wouldn't even be a flash in the pan.