The doom cloud that hit Somerville

Monster storm approaches Somerville

Johnny Saylor captured the giant doom cloud that burst over Somerville this afternoon.



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I trust NWS is investigating whether a tornado landed. A lot of damage is being reported.


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It is neither a tornado nor a microburst (wherein damage would be confined to a small area). The correct term for what happened here is 'downburst'.

This isn't the storm before it hit

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Given that the storm came from the NW, and this photo is taken looking SW SE on Somerville Ave. It must be from after the storm had already passed, or else it's a photo of a different cloud.

Yep, good call

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That's what I meant-- this is looking in the opposite direction of where the storm came from.

There was definitely rotation in the storm

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I watched it from Allston, where we thankfully didn't get hit by much. But I did watch what looked like a poorly formed funnel cloud pass almost directly overhead, slightly east of me. There was obvious visible rotation, and the radar image at that time showed a hook echo - indicative of a mesocyclone (aka a supercell). I could see a hail shaft in the distance as well.


Can confirm we got hail on

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Can confirm we got hail on Winter Hill. Didn't see anything tornado-esque, though I was only watching out my front window.

There was an awful lot of debris on the ground afterward though - many tree branches, some 4-5 ft long.

My timing was perfect

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I got on the 89 at Sullivan JUST as the deluge started, we got pelted with hail as we crossed McGrath and headed up towards Temple St, and it was just a light drizzle when I got off on Winter Hill. Thank you, MBTA, for not ruining at least one person's travels this week!