Dorchester stands with Charlottesville

Charlottesville vigil in Dorchester's Peabody Square

Hilary Detmold was among the group of people who held a vigil on Dorchester Avenue in Peabody Square in Dorchester this evening.



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Flattery for liberals

I don't know why we have to go along with this flattery. It's presented here for the liberals to have electronic solidarity with black people without going to Dorchester. Fish may present the mirror image in intelligence of simplistic easy liberalism. But least he goes there!
Why go along? Play the part? Isn't it ridiculous and repetitive?

Are you trying to be a moron?

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You realize plenty of people already had those signs on or outside their houses, right? No, probably not, I suspect you don't live in the sort of neighborhood where people would have those signs at hand.


Is it time for this particular hatebot to no longer have a home here?


It keeps reminding us what the Fake Cops (Not the real police who are out there busting their arse) are up to with their thoughts.

It is like having a pet talking monkey on your shoulder to keep you alert to the fact that there are very disturbed people out there (with public pensions) spewing hate.

It is amazing that after all these years within the law industrial complex that this person cannot realize that "HE DID IT TOO!!!!" is not a proper defense for the actions of others.

Keep him just for the amusement.

I disagree

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As a lurker, I'm glad the Fish is here.

That several (different) people push back on his jackassery every single time is an important signal that UHub is diverse but also sane.

It's good to be reminded that a community can successfully rebut and move past the rhetoric of people like Fish.


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I think O has a somewhat valid point lost in his usual drivel. There are things that effect that community a lot more than the protest in VA that people don't come out and stand against. Violence being one of them. Of course we feel bad for everyone who loses their life at the hands of another, so this is not a comparison.

I have alot of respect for you Adam

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and I realize I'm a nobody anon who never created an account, but even though I understand the logic behind engaging and exposing instead of shunning, I seriously don't understand sometimes why you respond to him, when it's clear he has attention issues and is just a wordier kind of hateful troll who doesn't actually have a defensible position.

the idea that everyone deserves a platform regardless of how illogical, dangerous, backward and flat-out wrong their "ideas" are is simply wrong. he can spend his time on Stormfront where he belongs.

What are you doing about the killings?

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Besides using the killings to push your personal agenda to put down what you disagree with?

Are you in Dorchester talking with the gangbangers who are often the killers trying at least to persuade them to not kill? Are you spending time with boys to show them an example of a person who lives not in a gang but as part of a larger society that seeks to be cooperative? Are you helping them understand that the life expectancy of a gangbanger is short?

All that anyone sees is someone who uses death to push his personal agenda.

Personal agendas? Isn't that

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Personal agendas? Isn't that a two way street? After every mass shooting, anti-gun(lets be honest, liberals) folks on here call for stricter gun laws and go as far as calling for gun bans. Not defending O-fish but you can't accuse anyone who state's their opinion as pushing "an agenda."

Words mean things

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You can't generalize "pushing an agenda" to the point that it just means "stating an opinion". Words mean things. And in this case, these words mean that you take a discussion of a topic and start undermining it to cavitate the point and trivialize it or even distract from it for your own purposes.

This was a rally against white supremacy, something we may even have to deal with in five days at the Common. O-FISH-L attempted to undermine that by wanting to discuss street violence because, for whatever reason, rather than support the message of anti-white-supremacy that was taking place and was being discussed, he'd rather denigrate the people involved by tossing out a red herring and calling them all hypocrites even though he has no idea what other steps they may take to attempt to end street violence in their neighborhood. To what purpose? Only he knows I guess. But it seems like his argument provides cover for white supremacists by attempting to dilute and dampen the message of those that would oppose them. He's doing that by pushing an agenda. If he wanted to state his opinion on street violence not being met with enough resistance by the community, he wouldn't have done that on this post. There are others where that would be more relevant.

Waiting for the standard CCD response

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Something like a 50,000 word quote with no link because its from Breitbart or the Washington Times or Tucker Carlson's Spew Factory.

Usually introduced with "this just came out" or "it was reported" to introduce it, as if anything on the internet was automatically valid.

My CCD response

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Don't skip Sunday School, choose your confirmation name and write a report on the Saint behind that name, and memorize all the fruits of the Holy Spirit (and make several un-repeatable jokes to your classmates along the way).

Thank you..

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When I see another of O-FISH-L's post, I sigh and wish he would stop posting his usual silliness. And sometimes the replies to his posts are just another round of insults. But Kaz's calm, reasoned and intelligent response shows me the best of U Hub, where people can disagree and do so with civility. You only have to read the comments section after a Globe or Herald article to be assaulted by an out-of-control person just filled with rage. That rage and lack of clear thinking is more frightening to me even than Trump.

But Fish's goal is not to merely to state an opinion,

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It is in this case to divert attention from the issue of white supremacists sponsoring and participating in a demonstration to maintain a statue that praises a man who betrayed his nation, who supported the abomindable sin of slavery when he could have easily chose not to and led an army that sought to destroy the United States by defending a renegade states that chose to revolt and rebel because the new President and what he symbolized was what they disliked. Not just because they wanted to defend the abomination of slavery -although the that a part of their agenda - but because southern leaders decided that they were superior to northerners and therefore were right to secede from the nation that the forefathers helped create.

The white supremacists chose German Nazi imagery of marching at night with burning torches to maintain a false mythology of a 'lost cause."

This is a very different topic from the murder of 4 people in Dorchester. Fishy is using those tragedies to defend his support for people who support an abomination of hatred against groups due to their not being the same.

Murder in poor neighborhoods, or anywhere are tragic. If Fish was so concerned he could explain what he does to persuade young adults to not murder others and possible even tie that to the desire or violence which motivates the bigots in the Charlottesville protest.

One block from where a 20

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One block from where a 20 year old young man was murdered in broad daylight. And with shootings up in Boston this year. Because there's certain hate right here right now we dare not address.

And where you there?

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Did you talk to any of the people there? Or are you just making assumptions about what else they may or may not be doing?

I like seeing this. Until,

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I like seeing this. Until, only again, to read about another shooting or stabbing. Come on, people, stop the hate.

Dorchester Proud

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On Saturday hundreds of residents gathered at Town Field to support the efforts of the Boston Police community policing efforts and to condemn violence.

Re: Dorchester stands with Charlottesville.

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We all agree that Charlottesville was an atrocity. Still, more lives were violently lost in Dorchester in the prior 96 hours. It's amazing that merely raising that point and asking a pertinent question, whether the four Dorchester shooting victims were also recognized in Dorchester, generates such backlash and hate here.

Adam, we can only take literally what you report and you reported "Dorchester stands with Charlottesville" with no mention that the dead and wounded in Dorchester in the 96 hours prior were acknowledged. BTW, I'm in Dorchester and Mattapan regularly including over the weekend. No, I've never seen these signs on houses or lawns and they would be illegal anyway under residential zoning laws. I will look for them today when I go there.

Are you a false equivalence bot?

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It's amazing that merely raising that point and asking a pertinent question, whether the four Dorchester shooting victims were also recognized in Dorchester, generates such backlash and hate here.

Are you a false equivalence bot? You're there every time, trying your feeble best to derail, any time there's a threat to your not-very-subtle agenda. You posted an easily disprovable red herring about a lack of response to the Dorchester shooting victims, and when it was disproved, what was your response? A feeble "well I never saw those signs and they'd be against zoning regulations anyway"?

Giving you the most possible benefit for the doubt, you are a fraud, a contemptible liar and a shameless apologist for white supremacy. The fence has become too narrow for you to be able to continue to sit on it and pretend at objectivity. Prepare to be very, very uncomfortable.

Equally stupid point

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During that 96 hours, an average of 13 people in Boston died of heart disease (yes, I did the math). Why aren't these people taking to the streets to march rather than just exercising their First Amendment in a standing vigil?!

The two things are not the

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The two things are not the same. It is a false equivalency.

The shootings in Dorchester are AWFUL. They make people scared, everyone dislikes that is happens. Nobody is out there defending the shooters for shooting. The community wants them caught. The Mayor of Boston is not walking around trying to deflect blame from those who pulled the trigger. There is no political movement supporting those shooting other people in Dorchester.

In DC we have a political party flirting with these right wing extremists and a President who literally has to be backed into a wall to utter a condemnation of those extremists and even then it is only partial and he tries to send his daughter and wife out to do it for him instead.

One can be AGAINST shootings at home and against hate rallies down south at the same time.