Downtown Crossing even more lit up than usual

Tim Lawrence took in the annual Illuminus Boston in Downtown Crossing tonight. It repeats tomorrow night.



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    Will check this out. Looks brilliant!

    According to the article...

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    ...Illuminus Boston was "established in 2014 in the SoWa Arts District". They really had me until "SoWa Arts District".

    say what you will

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    but that first year was really cool. . . almost entirely light/projection-mapping installations. As much as I'm glad they're trying to get folks downtown, this year it's mostly an art-installation event in name only. It felt more like the Lawn on D (which is fun in it's own right but it's not how they're billing it).

    I walked by when they were

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    I walked by when they were setting up and it looked good. They should always have the stadium seats in whatever color of the day like the Prudential or whatnot.