Dubai-based airline cuts back on flights to Boston; cites Trump attempts to ban Muslims, laptops

Associated Press reports Emirates is going from two flights a day to Boston to one.



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    What if...

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    ...we're complaining about the substance of these orders, and not the number?

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    The story is about direct flights from Greece to New Jersey. Greece isn't one of the countries where laptops are prohibited from flying. (You know, for "security".)

    Tourism to the US is way down since January. Lots of people will lose their jobs as a result. But it's a small price to pay for faux security, right?

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    US tourism

    your post made me curious so i googled it

    Online booking websites reported that flight searches from international points of origin to the United States were down anywhere from 6 percent to 17 percent since Trump signed the executive order on Jan. 27. But experts say what’s more alarming is the icy message it sends to the world.

    “The US is in danger of taking the same path it took after Sept. 11, which led to a decade of economic stagnation in the travel and tourism sector,” said David Scowsill, president and CEO of the World Travel & Tourism Council. “Strict visa policies and inward-looking sentiment led to a $600 billion loss in tourism revenues in the decade post 9/11.”



    but uh, also, i admit i didn't (yet) bother looking beyond that article so i encourage people to do their own research

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    Students also

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    After seeing the way some legal visitors to the US have been treated since 45 took office, it would not surprise me if many parents thought twice before sending their kids to university here. They do have other choices.

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    Saving Boston Tourism

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    Get out the message that Boston is not only home of some of the most famous universities, and not only is rich with history in American ideals of liberty, and is now run by once-maligned immigrants from Ireland and elsewhere, and Boston is also resisting some of the actions and rhetoric of the current infamous national administration.

    And do whatever can be done to make Logan more welcoming, despite national influence, because every incident hurts your story of the Freedom Trail.

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    Not to worry

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    Check out arrivals to Boston. They are still up year over year last I checked about a month ago.

    Let's be serious, the travel bans have only a marginal effect. Security issues may have some impact and though I am not a Trump supporter, it sounds like these are based on real intelligence reports and not the whims and tweets of our dear leader.

    The main reason fewer tourists are coming to Boston and elsewhere is because the value of the dollar has skyrocketed. Businesspeople will still come. Tourism is going to be way off and expect the retail environment on Newbury to get worse (and it's bad right now-more empty storefronts than I've seen in years)

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    true or not

    (the reasoning) everybody should cite this & similar policy as reasons for cutting back business with us, imo

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    It's been mentioned that the

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    It's been mentioned that the "real" reason for the ban is to protect US and European airlines from heavily subsidized middle eastern carriers.

    In other words, "cutting back business with us" is sort of the goal.

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    Free Markets!

    So much for the "free markets" theory of government regulation.

    This is the classic case of helping a few selected companies (Delta, United) at the expense of a larger industry. (Tourism and Hospitality.) UAE subsidizing their fights helps US hotels and other tourism related businesses.

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