Dump truck smashes into Roxbury house

WBZ reports two adults, two kids and a dog were inside at the time of the Clarence Street crash, but that there were no injuries.





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Small dump trucks

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Are all the dump trucks you've ever seen made by Tonka?

You could easily fit a few hundred more people in the back of the dump truck with those 4 people and a dog.

Yes, but..

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The perfectly written headline said they were "inside", so there goes the "load them in the back" theory.


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Is the sand outside the dump truck?

Why does it matter?

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That's more important than the fact they weren't killed?

Maybe they're being home schooled. Maybe they were sick. Maybe there are any number of reasons why they were there that don't really matter in this story.

Read the article

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It says they were toddlers and, even if they weren't, it was afternoon (i.e., most schools don't go until 5 p.m.). And there are lots of reasons for adults to be home, especially since adult just means 18 or older.

You know

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You know exactly what (s)he wants to hear.

If you must know

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One adult was there because they were babysitting the two kids who were home early from school. The first kid had puked in his first subject of the day and the other one got sent home only an hour after that for fighting.

The other adult is a crackhead who is a bad influence on the kids.

Don't even ASK about why the dog was there...

Also, fuck off.

The Dog

I heard the dog is a real piece of work. Refuses to get a job. Sleeps all day. Expects the family to walk and drive him everywhere. He pays for nothing. Just damn lazy, that dog.


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Was making a joke here. Given new info, it would appear as piling on. That wasn't the intent.


He demands it, actually. If they don't I hear he's been known to tear apart pillows, stuffed toys and pretty much anything he can get his paws and teeth on. He's just nothing but trouble.

Because they needed their sleep

They had to be ready to be out all night. So you could blame them for something else. Or something.

But you are distracting us from the really important question, which is WHY DIDN'T THE HOUSE JUST GET OUT OF THE WAY? Because truck drivers working hard and can't be expected to drive their trucks blah blah blah. The driver should have honked at the house repeatedly!

Bottom line: mind your own business

Was the house wearing

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Was the house wearing headphones? Looking at their iPhone? Houses need to understand that dumptrucks are gonna hit them.. A dumptruck driver wearing huge yellow boots, cannot stop on a dime.


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Was making a joke here. Given new info, it would appear as piling on. That wasn't the intent.