Dunkin' proposed for Quincy

No, not a Dunkin' Donuts, just a Dunkin', the Quincy Patriot Ledger reports.



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"It's the end of the world as we know it, and

I feel fine." Don't really like any of the big chains' coffee.

Seems like while they're at it, they should drop the final apostrophe. If there's no donuts, what are we dunkin'? It's like The Facebook. Simplify while you're making the big move.



But the apostrophe is in place of the G in dunking and has nothing to do with dropping the Donuts ...? Or am I missing the point entirely?

You are correct: that's Dunkin' as in Dunking.

But as I said above, if you're de-emphasizing the donuts, what are you dunking? Nothing. It's not about dunking anything anymore, so you might as well lose the apostrophe. It looks pretty weird just hanging off the end of the name by itself now.

Sure, but they moved away from being a donut shop

years ago. In my youth, the donuts were made fresh a few times a day in the shop, with distinctive batters for the crullers and other varieties. Then they went to centralized factory baking and trucking donuts to the retail outlets, dropped the varieties with individual recipes (they use one donut batter for everything now), and so on. Today's donuts are a pale shadow of the old style.

They've been focused on the caffeine delivery business for decades now. That's where the margins and repeat business are. Everything else they sell is just to inveigle you into the shop to buy coffee.


When Shaws and Star merged they rebranded many of the Star stores as Shaws as they thought the public perceived Shaws as having a better reputation. After 10 years of destroying the Shaws reputation they have started again rebranding the stores back to Star, perhaps on the idea that people will think however bad Star was it's still better then Shaws.

Of course, since both logos are similar most locals above a certain age don't even know which is which and just call the store Star/Shaws irrespective of whatever sign is on the exterior.

Series of tubes

They have my unconditional support provided they transport the food to the cars in pneumatic tubes like an old bank.


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I'm trying to remember the last time I ate a Dunkin' Donut that wasn't provided to me free at a meeting or something and it's got to be at least 8 years. Luckily we have donut places in town that actually still care and bake them on the premises!

Guess they're not doing so

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Guess they're not doing so well. I suppose branding themselves as a family friendly fast food joint where parents can get a cheap bite to eat with their little kids makes sense.
If I'm going to treat myself to a donut, which is rare, I'll seek out a proper local bakery.


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Another thing Mitt Romney ruined.

Well maybe not him, but Bain Capital. Thank God for shareholders value!

Do people still call them Dunkin'?

I live in a divided house for the time being. My older son works at Bucks and the younger one at Dunks. As in "I saw your boy at Dunks last week ... when's he going back to UMass"?

Maybe "Dunks" is a Meffid thing, but I doubt it. In contrast, Bucks appears to be an in-group employee thing.

South Shore's where Dunks began!

My retirement age SIL was comparing notes with my boy - my husband's family was in Weymouth and she worked in Dunkin' Donuts store #2. Not even sure that it was a franchise yet!

Not just Meffid

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I know a lot of people who call it "The Dunks" if it's the local one or just "Dunks" if it's any other one.

I prefer buying coffee at

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I prefer buying coffee at McDonald's, and if I'm going to pay that much for a cup, then I may as well walk into a Starbucks. DD is a last resort.

Does it matter

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The coffee and muffins still suck

Wrong thing for the wrong place

You can call it Dunkin Donuts or Dunkin’, four drive thru lanes is excessive and unnecessary.
The irony is that while the city is working to create pedestrian friendly spaces in other parts of the city they are moving against that current here and creating a space dominated by cars.
Route 3A to some is Washington Street to others. This is not a highway. It may be a main street but still has sidewalks and pedestrians, and abuts residential neighborhoods.
Room for 17 idling cars? I’m not sure how an 8 foot fence is the remedy. The concern is the pollution and added traffic this projects adds.
It’s simply a bad fit for the site.