East Boston's coolest space saver

Air conditioner space saver in East Boston

Adam Bonneville shows us one person's space saver on Marginal Street in East Boston.




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    New Globe Headline

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    "Rent-squeezed Boston Residents Must Choose Between Heat and Parking"

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    Trash Removal

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    Space saving is the best way to get rid of something that the city charges you for to get rid of. Especially hazardous waste. He just saved himself a 25 dollar sticker fee!

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    I thought of this last night actually

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    I plan on making myself a space saver from a big ol box, weighed down with a bunch of lead paint covered boards pulled from my house during a construction project. Was gonna burn em but I'll let the city do that!
    Tube TVs, CRT monitors, busted AC units...lots of hazardous waste space saving possibilities!

    As a side note, after living in my new neighborhood for 2 winters now, I am fully pro-space saver. I was on the fence but no one shovels out jack on my block. You can tell my house because the sidewalks are actually passable, the hydrant is clear, as well as the crosswalk cutout on the corner of my house.
    I busted ass shoveling extremely heavy snow yesterday, sometimes literally shoveling water (or paddling it out of the way anyhow). I'll take the 48 hours the city allows. They don't even plow to the curb when it is possible. Myself and some neighbors tried, leaving a long stretch on one side with no parked cars on it. Untouched by the plow man. Had they plowed it, we could have moved the cars there and allowed them to plow the other side of the street. This makes too much sense for government however, and the street level justice space-saving allows is the best alternative we have here in Boston. SAD!

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    hazardous waste removal in boston?

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    that is labor day weekend. just get your stuff and find a college house that just emptied. leave your turpentine and sony 36inch right there in the pile. boom.

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    Unless the printer is

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    Unless the printer is connected and churning out nonsensical neo-Nazi propaganda, I'm not impressed.

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