Elections catch up with East Boston's changing demographics

East Boston native James Aloisi considers the meaning of East Boston having a city councilor who isn't an Italian-American man:

In a race of historic importance, [Lydia] Edwards defeated the candidate backed by the long powerful but increasingly diminished political old guard. Edwards won for many reasons - an impressive background and resume; a passionate cadre of supporters; and, perhaps most important, the ability to see, understand, and appeal to the changing demographics in the district.



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You have you're occasional

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You have you're occasional Italian American registered voters primarily living in the tony part of Orient Heights contributing to their favorite candidate throughout the years for favors, always thinking when election time comes around they have these elections in their pockets, sick of these people who think they own East Boston lol , those days are gone!! Where have all these die hard Eastie voters gone to?? well, places like Winthrop, Saugus and Lynnfield they all cashed out of Eastie during the beginning of the Real Estate boom, and they continue to cash out, they became greedy, even Eastie's past politicians have become lobbyist$ , it seems all the important people abandoned the old neighborhood, as a result of the circumstance the East Boston political machine has blown into pieces.

"tony part of Orient Heights"

Do you mean "expensive and fancy part of Orient Heights" (and if so, where is that?), or do you mean "part of Orient Heights where lots of people are named Tony" ?

Up on the hill -Gladstone St.

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Up on the hill -Gladstone St., Orient ave types and areas around East Boston yacht club

Northward Migration

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"Where have all these die hard Eastie voters gone to?? well, places like Winthrop, Saugus and Lynnfield"

You got that right. Lynfield and Saugus are East Boston North. Peabody too. This northward migration of old time East Boston residents (which, in truth, has been going on since the 70s), has resulted in the stereotypical "Boston accent", heard in so many movies these days, being more prevalent in those towns than in Boston itself.

In with the new...

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Aolisi’s commentary is spot on, as are the comments. The old guard in OH are entitled and believe that they run the neighborhood. I am very happy their candidate lost and Lydia won.