An empty playground with a view

Empty playground in Boston

The folks at the Boston City Archives acknowledge the last mystery photo may have been a bit too easy, so have come up with this one - can you place it?



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    Fidelis Way Park, Brighton

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    Fidelis Way Park in Brighton. Next to St. E's.

    Edit: now guessing between 1995-2000. The playground equipment was installed sometime after 1995 and it was before 111 Huntington was built.


    I'm liking this better than

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    I'm liking this better than my own guess.

    Pru and Hancock line up correctly. 3rd shape could be old Hancock to left and behind new Hancock (I had thought Statehouse and in front, but my resolution is low). Rooflines in near foreground are a much better match.

    I knew the answer right away

    I knew the answer right away but did not know why. After looking at the Google view, I see that I spent a whole summer staring out the window of Brighton High when I failed Algebra II at BLS.


    Pru on the right, Hancock on

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    Pru on the right, Hancock on the left, what appears to be the State House a little to the left and in front of the Hancock...

    That perspective adds up to something on a line north-northeast of the Hancock-Statehouse bearing... Some sort of hilltop...

    Doherty Playground in Charlestown? Not sure. Nearby buildings don't look right.

    Wrong angle

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    Mission Hill is south of the Pru and Hancock. The view would be reversed.

    The Brighton guess somewhere near Brighton Ave is correct. Could be another nearby playground, but otherwise the commenter above nailed it.

    I found one playground (Mckinley?), but the nearby buildings are wood, not brick so not likely.

    The answer...

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    Thanks for playing, again, this week folks!

    For those of you who guessed, Fidelis Way Park, you are absolutely right!

    This photograph was taken by the Parks and Recreation Department at the completion of the construction of Fidelis Way Playground on December 1, 1979.