Evans: Nobody's pushing college guys into the river

MassLive.com reports Boston Police Commissioner William Evans says young men need to be more careful when they drink in a city surrounded by water, not worry about a serial killer.

All the drowning victims the press and the public don't much care about.



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    Putting my tinfoil detective

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    Putting my tinfoil detective hat here:

    Whereabouts has Evans been when all these guys have wound in the water?

    You realize that's why they have detectives, right?

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    The police commissioner is an administrator, even when he shows up at a murder scene (and most of these, maybe all of these, are not), he's not there to lead an investigation. Boston has an entire homicide unit for that. But you know that, of course, and you realize that Evans does get involved when there are broader issues, such as people buying into this ridiculous serial-killer idea.

    The joke was Evans is denying

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    The joke was Evans is denying there is a serial killer because he is really the serial killer no one would ever expect.

    Just like the guy in the movies which denies aliens exist the entire movie despite blatant evidence is really the alien at the end.

    Light dawns over Marbehead ...

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    See, my problem is there are people out there who probably would blame Evans for not investigating these things, so I'm losing what sense of humor I had ...


    Does this apply to women as well? Because it only just seems that penis positive people are hitting the drink, all young men, all leaving bars alone, all slightly well educated.

    Glad to see it isn't happening to all those people in Lowell, Haverhill, Lawrence, Salem, Newburyport, Marblehead, Portsmouth, Portland, Manchester, Burlington VT, Scituate, Nantucket, New Bedford, Fall River, Provincetown, Plymouth, you know those landlocked cities and towns with no bars, nor drinking culture to speak of and no water frontage.

    I know there is denials up and down. No cop is going to admit there is a problem like this. I just continue to have doubts, as I am allowed to have, about these reassurances.

    80+% of drowning victims are males

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    Women stick together, and usually don't wander to the river to pee.

    Go to cdc.gov and look for yourself.

    Your overactive imagination is in conflict with the facts.


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    Careful PC Evans. You will be accused of victim blaming in 1, 2, 3....

    (I happen to agree with him. Don't drink till you can't walk and expect to make it anywhere safe and sound).

    Agree with him?

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    Shouldn't the City be more proactive in preventing this? They buried the Stony Brook, so how about burying the Charles River and putting 8 foot high fences the entire length of Boston Harbor. #visionzero

    Let's call it perpetrator blaming

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    Blaming motorists for their lethal behavior is blaming the perpetrator.
    Blaming pedestrians and cyclists for the consequences of the lethal behavior of motorists is blaming the victim.
    Blaming women for being attacked by men is blaming the victim.
    Blaming people who jump over fences and walk on railroad tracks who "victimize" themselves is blaming the perpetrator, not blaming the victim.

    You blame the responsible party. Motorists killing people are the responsible party. Negligent people falling into rivers while drunk are the responsible party.

    That you somehow can't sort all that out speaks volumes about what you post here.

    Feel like we are flogging a dead horse at this point.

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    I will say that judging from my social media feeds it is a very specific personality type that get's all worked up about this. If you are given to urban legends and conspiracy theories then this is the subject for you.

    Naive to believe that all water deaths were accidental

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    I generally like Commissioner Evans but it's naive to believe all of these deaths were accidental or natural. Obviously he was wrong on the murder of the doctor's. There was no exchange of gunfire and no evidence they knew the suspect, statements he made at the scene.

    The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) has a questionable history of mismanagement and underfunding, plus bodies that have been in the water for days, weeks or months are generally in tough shape. It's not unusual for a case to be ruled natural or accidental and have someone brag about the murder at a later date, then be convicted. Or vice-versa (Irish nanny, recently cleared after M.E. was called into question?) "Case closure" is often the easiest conclusion for investigators, so it happens too often.

    What interests me are the man with no history of mental illness being found with a cinderblock chained to weight him down in the Charles and several of the victim's cellphones being found on land, away from where the bodies were recovered. I thought most men carried their cellphones on them. So if they were to suddenly trip into the water, it would take great reaction time to throw their phones on land. In one case a third party, unknown male answered the phone but left it on the ground which in itself, is strange. One of the above posts has a great link that makes one wonder.

    I for one am SHOCKED you

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    I for one am SHOCKED you managed to go through your whole senseless diatribe without once mentioning that lunatic Trump.


    Citations Needed

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    several of the victim's cellphones being found on land, away from where the bodies were recovered


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    Why do you hate our Police officers so much to think that they would lie and put the public at risk ? Why is it ok for you to question them on something like this but Black Lives Matter is such an evil organization when they ask questions ?