Everett man charged as Blue Line self stimulator


Transit Police report arresting Danny Ashager, 39, on a charge of open and gross lewdness for what he allegedly did in full view of other passengers on a Blue Line train rumbling through East Boston yesterday afternoon.

According to police, a woman told officers that between Suffolk Downs and Orient Heights around 4:40 p.m.:

She observed a male, later identified as Danny Ashager, 39, of Everett, with his genitals exposed and committing a lewd act. The victim also stated she believed young children were also present on the train car.

Innocent, etc.




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The Cynics of ancient Greece

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The Cynics of ancient Greece did it, and they got a word to honor them.

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Did what?

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Ancient Greeks jerked off on a subway? Good for them!

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What's with these members of the male half of humanity?

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A female acquaintance years ago, who drove a truck putting herself a bit higher than car drivers, was amazed at the number of guys she would notice engaged in that hand movement which was not a gang sign.

I've noticed that ocassoinaly at an intersection on a narrow street I'll see guy in his car at a stoplight looking just ever so slightly disheveled but with that special glow in his face.

What is it about subways that inspires guys to want to despire themselves in public?

It's unfair that women decline to be so revealing.

Seriously what the @#[email protected]# is with these men?

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I drove trucks across the

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I drove trucks across the country years ago, and I saw it happen once - on 128 in Woburn.

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