This is fast getting old: Orange Line riders left in the cold

An Orange Line train wheezed its last at Tufts and now there are "severe" delays on the line, which was already having problems due to track issues near Wellington. Jennifer M. reports:

I have been trapped for 50 minutes between Back Bay and Tufts without heat.

Andrea Howlett adds:

This is fun. I've been at Ruggles Station for a half hour now, with the doors open for the most part.


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Glad I drove in

10 mins today instead of 45 and probably having to walk the last 3/4 mi, plus whatever delays this would have added. +1 for owning a car in the city. Yeah, I said it.


I don't blame you

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I regret how Boston is still car-centric, but the buses and subways are still run like they're intended only for second-class citizens, and I don't blame anyone for driving.



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Smart move. My warm, on time commuter rail train was at about 10% occupancy. Seems like almost everyone has the day off.

It was quicker to walk from

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It was quicker to walk from Stony Brook to Ruggles than the train. 2F. Proper layering was key. I can't believe how many people were out without hats.

Probably their work has some stupid rule

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about hat hair.

I used to work at place where the air was kept hot (we all wore shorts to work as part of our uniform). I would wear jeans and boots/sneakers on my T commute, then change as soon as I got in. The winter I did this was particularly cold and particularly sloppy.

The woman who was the boss of my facility did not like anyone wearing clothing that wasn't to the dress code in the building, even if it was just for the distance between the door and the restroom where you'd change. If she saw you, she'd glare and put you on her Mental List, where she'd be rude to you.

Of course, because she was the boss, she had the building's only parking space, 10 feet from the back door. She could have worn flipflops and a bikini to work in the dead of winter and not been cold.

I’m sure it has nothing to do

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I’m sure it has nothing to do with management and the statehouse not replacing trains and infrastructure that should have been replaced a decade ago and everything to do with a solitary driver.

Notification of delays

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By the MBTA is so bad. Why do we wait more than 30 minutes for them to announce anything is wrong--everyone on Twitter knows, does the MBTA not? It should be easy to let riders (!) Know there are problems.


Same employees, same problems

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The T like to talk about how they can quickly get the word out with their message boards but every time something comes up you have to rely on people who's motto is "Not my job". If the notifications are automated then they've picked up bad work habits.

No Kidding

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The T is trash. This isn't amateur hour

I was on the same train as

I was on the same train as Andrea. Eventually I walked to Northeastern and went E to Rt 1 to Redline. Took me 2 hours what is normally a bit over 1.

I was still at Forest hills

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I was still at Forest hills when they announced the dead train at Tufts. gave up on the orange line when they started suggesting people take the 39 to get "downtown." never mind that the 39 doesn't get you to the Financial District. I hopped on the Needham line instead. it's infuriating that they don't suggest getting on the commuter rail instead. Forest Hills is zone 1A. the pass is the same cost as the regular T monthly pass.