Fire destroys yet another multi-unit building nearing completion

The Patriot Ledger reports a four-story condo building about a month away from completion went up in flames overnight - its sprinkler system still not functioning.

In June, a six-story building nearing completion in Dorchester erupted in flames, three weeks after a Quincy building under construction caught fire. In July, a multi-story building in Waltham nearing completion also caught fire - officials now blame arson.



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    Why were they allowed to build anything before the water system was in place at the site and the hydrants were functional?

    Yes it does.

    Also, it doesn't give off nice fireplace woodburning smells. Most modern wood frame construction is a truss type system. They can be large structural elements epoxied together (the glue is actually stronger than the wood) and connected with brackets screwed together.
    The smoke is extremely dangerous in long term exposures.

    Because you can't just put up

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    Because you can't just put up a skeletal frame and then an entire fire sprinkler system. You need to have an actual building first. Building out plumbing, a pump system to pressurize, etc take time and is expensive. Usually activating water service to a building is one of the last steps before occupancy as a result. As for hydrants, they should be nearby, doesn't seem like they weren't here so not sure what that means.

    The question was about hydrants and water to the site

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    It wasn't about sprinkler systems being operational.

    Fighting this fire required that hoses be tunneled under the commuter rail. There were no hydrants in the area.

    They should not be allowed to begin construction without working hydrants in the area.

    The chiefs always complain

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    The chiefs always complain they couldn't get enough water. Isn't that what sprinklers run on? Who are they trying to kid, when one of these goes with people in it, what'll their excuse be then?

    You know something?

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    Are you sharing what you know with the authorities? Or just gossiping and slandering?

    waltham fire was arson

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    they are trying to paint it as disgruntled homeless person but word on the street is unions weren't happy about the project. that's the word on the moody street.


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    Are we calling him the smilie face arsonist yet?

    NY codes?

    Driving around Brooklyn a while ago I noticed that all the new construction was concrete and steel where here it would be wood and more wood.