Careless smoker sparks fire at Brighton apartment building

Firefighters at 4 Vinal St. in Brighton

4 Vinal St. Photo by Eliot.

A fire in a courtyard at 4 Vinal St., off Allston St. around 6:45 a.m. sent residents out onto the street until firefighters knocked it down.

According to the Boston Fire Department:

Trash fire outside that extended into the first floor. Cause was careless disposal of smoking material. Damage estimate was $50,000.00. No injuries. 1 alarm fire.

DreamHaus of Mattel, who lives in the building, shows some of the damage and reports:

Heard a crashing sound that shook the apt. Then I saw the smoke.



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That explains it

There were several fire trucks and other related vehicles heading down Cambridge Street towards Union Square when I was walking up to my bus stop around 7:15. They clearly called in equipment from farther away than the Union Square firehouse - that Ladder 26 truck in the photo comes from the Huntington Avenue firehouse near the MFA.


That explains the fire trucks blasting up Union St this morning. I'm used to the sirens by now, but I wish they'd leave the horn alone unless there's actual traffic.

You should hear how loud and

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You should hear how loud and disruptive it is when 20+ tons of engine flattens a car that didn't look when the light turned green.

Ladder 14 is in the back left

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Ladder 14 is in the back left, which is in Union Square and they have let my son climb all over.

How dumb can people get?

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Regarding careless disposal of smoking material, I mean. Luckily everybody got out alive, but still...why do people smoke when they live in such old buildings? It doesn't make sense, plus it's a fire hazard, to boot.

Cigarette smokers ....

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... are the #1 cause of fire in residential buildings. They are a threat to public health in more ways than one.

That's very true, Lee.

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That's also part of what caused that deadly house fire in Allston four and a half years ago, on Linden Street, when Binland Lee, who slept in an attic bedroom, was trapped, had no way to get out, and died as a result.