Firefighters rescue dog from locked car on Newbury Street

Dasha was among the people who watched Boston firefighters and an animal-control officer rescue a small dog from a BMW parked on Newbury Street. She also captured the owner's reaction when he found his rear window popped out and the dog no longer there.

WCVB has video.

Two arrested for animal cruelty after dog found dead.



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    pretty unnecessary...

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    ...because the doors are frameless (ie there's no metal above the bottom of the door panel) so you can just pull back the glass and pop the door lock...unless the owner has double-locked it, which most people don't even realize you can do on a BMW, so it's pretty unlikely.

    Alarm would go off, but the car wouldn't be damaged. Tow guys have a little inflatable bag thing they can use to do just exactly this, and it takes seconds. No risk of injuring the dog with flying glass, no damage to the car.

    I look forward to this comment being nitpicked to death, though. Accusing me of "sympathizing with the owner" or "being worried about damaging the car to save an animal's life, something something first responders are heros, etc. Did I miss anything?

    You know what?

    If you stay in school, work hard, pass the exams, and attend the training, you too can become a firefighter someday.

    And then you can put your "extensive expertise" to work freeing poached puppers and parched pooches from hell cars without harming the car too much.

    Good luck!

    Ironic how conveniently the

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    Ironic how conveniently the Drunken Fake Statistician switches between Loyalty and Hate for civil servants.

    My thought

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    Fuck 'em. If the owner didn't want his windows broken, he shouldn't have left a dog in his car. He should just feel grateful the dog didn't die.

    Pretty sure it's necessary

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    They want the hose as straight as they can, and with no kinks.

    They'll ram cars out of the way with the fire truck if they can, and smash windows otherwise.

    Think of it as a reminder: life matters more than convenience

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    That parking in front of a fire hydrant is dangerous. It's also illegal but since driving laws are only suggestions that too often has insufficient impact.

    Think of it as a reminder that putting out a fire in a house, saving a house from being destroyed, and, ah, some times even preventing a death is more important than the convenience derived from parking in front of and blocking a fire hydrant.

    At first I wanted the window broken.

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    Then I realized that glass might've hit the pup, so I'm happy with just the shatter-free window removal technique. What a shithead the owner is.

    78F on October 21

    The calendar date is far less important than the temperature when it comes to the speed at which a car can over heat.

    Thankfully, passers by got involved, called for assistance, and didn't let this poor thing fry. According to this chart, it was likely to be over 125F in that car by the time the dog was freed.

    Thankfully the jackass didn't

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    Thankfully the jackass didn't kill that innocent dog.

    Wonder if it was same entitled BMW driver double-parked in the bike lane at the fire hydrant in front of the Eliot Hotel on Mass. Ave. earlier today... moron.

    Should have towed the car

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    Since the guy clearly doesn't care about the dog, I imagine he just drove away and will hit his insurance company for the cost of the window. The city should have further inconvenienced him by making him call to find out where his car went so he could have gone a couple of rounds of "Oh, yeah, the car with the abandoned dog? You're a fracking loser, you know that right?" before being able to drive off.

    Cars and death

    Leave a dog in a car and the public goes nuts. The police or civilians smash windows to retrieve the pup. The car owner is publicly shammed, possibly arrested and charged.

    Kill or hurt a human with a car and not much happens. The driver is let go while they "investigate". If the driver claims the nondriver was at fault, they are taken at their word.

    I guess it's true about people caring more about pets. (Not suggesting Fido shouldn't be saved, just wishing humans got the same level of concern as pups.)

    What fantasy world are you

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    What fantasy world are you living in? No driver is taken at his work in any accident, whether someone is injured or not. It's people like who who male it easier to care about animals than people though. At least a dog is smart enough not to paint a whole group of people with one brush based on their prejudices.

    Very poor analogy

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    Collisions between motorists and pedestrians could have many causes, and blame could range from deliberate action by the motorist (running a red light, driving while impaired which affects motorist reaction) to actions on the part of a pedestrian that could be the cause (darting out from behind a parked car, wearing dark clothes on a dark night and walking on a dark road with one’s back to traffic). I would imagine that typically collusions could be the fault of motorists, but nothing deliberate.

    In this case, the owner made a deliberate choice to leave his dog in a motor vehicle. The reaction is easy- break the window and get the dog out. Dealing with a case where someone starts to cross the street while checking their smartphone with a car 30 feet away traveling at 30 miles an hour is not so clear cut. Hence the different reaction to the different scenarios.

    And yes, I am happy we are not juxtaposing 2 actual situations, because a hurt or dead person does mean more to me, so second guessing a theoretical person seems better.


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    Depends on whether we are talking criminal charges or not. Writing as one who walks and runs a fair bit, I would certainly say that of the numerous times I’ve come close to getting hit by a car, there have been times where the driver was being an asshole and times when I’ve done things I shouldn’t have. Thankfully it’s been theoretical.

    The goal of a driver of a motor vehicle should be to not hit anything. The goal of a pedestrian should be to not get hit. To bring this back to the topic at hand, a dog really has no say in what they can do when they are locked in a car on a hot day. Different things altogether, which remains my point.


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    Didn't think the owner in this case got arrested. And I'm pretty sure nobody smashed the window. Other than that, your comparison is STILL no good.


    And it's because your wuss neighbors vote Democrat.