Five-story residential building proposed for Liverpool Street in East Boston

75-85 Liverpoool St. rendering

Architect's rendering of 75-85 Liverpool St.

A developer is seeking city permission to tear down two two-story houses and a garage on Liverpool Street between Maverick and Decatur streets to put up a five-story building with 22 residential units and some office space.

In a recent filing with the BPDA, developer Benjamin Goodman of Flying Cloud Realty Trust says the project, at 75-85 Liverpool St., would fit in nicely with the 56-apartment Coopersmith Village and 200-unit Boston East planned for Border Street nearby.

The Proposed Project would create a residential development combining market-rate and affordable housing opportunities in an aesthetic appropriate in scale, massing and design between Maverick and Central Squares, in addition to the area’s emerging redevelopment.

In planning the building, great care was given to respecting the abutting properties including the recently approved Coppersmith Village and Boston East Site. As a result, the proposed building has been designed and scaled to compliment Liverpool Street, the area’s ongoing multi-family residential development, the surrounding commercial and retail uses, and the proximity to public transportation.

Most of the units would be studios, with six two-bedroom units mixed in. Three of the units would be designated affordable.

The proposal calls for 11 parking spaces.

75-85 Liverpool St. project notification form (24.8M PDF).



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Liverpool street is not wide

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Liverpool street is not wide enough to have a 6 story building, how can the city approve this project.
Bennington or Meridian streets are wide enough streets for Fire trucks to have enough room to swing their ariel ladder and neither of these streets have buildings that have more than 4 stories!

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I agree Eastie Joe, these

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I agree Eastie Joe, these developers have no attachment or any ancestorial history to the neighborhood, $$$ is what they are after.
They will build then sell all the units and go on to their next project in the same neighborhood.

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So ancestrally attached developers would never exploit or build as of right to the full extent of their zoning?

You are sadly mistaken. Check out the history of such preferential processes of approval in Boston and you may want to rethink that.

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Approval not guaranteed

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First the proposal needs to go before the neighbors and they will recommend changes. Then they will vote to approve or reject before it goes to the city. But since this project is across the street from the Sumner Tunnel tower they probably thought they could get away with six floors. We'll see what happens in the approval process.

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Bremen street condo project

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Bremen street condo project behind Rapino's is a fine example , 6 story building with a not so wide enough street.

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Look at the satellite. These streets are on the order of 26' wide. As long as you prohibit parking on the corners and use stop bars that are behind crosswalks, there's plenty of room.

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No Dense Housing

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It's not like rents are getting do high we're pushing people out of this city! No dense housing! Single family homes as far as the eye can see!

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An architectural review board

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An architectural review board that is capable of discerning aesthetically worthwhile designs from absolute garbage is long overdue in Boston.

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