Flute thief sought

Wanted for flute thievery

BU Police have put out an APB for a man they say stole a handmade, sterling silver Arista flute from the School of Fine Arts on Aug. 29.

The guy also made off with an iPad, police say.

The Arista family has been making custom flutes in the Boston area for more than three decades.

If the guy looks familiar, contact BU Police detectives at 617-353-2110.



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Hella expensive flutes

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Had to google those flutes and DANG they're expensive. Guess this guy knew what to look for

Professional Instruments

Most instruments owned by professionals and high-level students are going to be several thousand or tens of thousands of dollars if not much more. The expectations of instruments in a conservatory is very high.

Hopefully this student has instrument insurance. Although even if they get the money back it won't replace the time (maybe years) they would have spent learning the particularities of that one flute.


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I bet he's playing with it on the T.

tom morello

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flute you I wont do what you tell me
flute you I wont do what you tell me
flute you I wont do what you tell me