Forest Hills loses its burger joint

Grass Fed Forest Hills served its last burger today, about a year after it opened up in the old Tonic space across from the T stop. The original Grass Fed, up on Centre Street, remains open.



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Sad reality

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Sad to see it go but very predictable.

When the most recent incarnation of Forest Hills Station was built back in the 80s the same thing happened to several businesses in that block. The chaos of the construction in that location resulted in several businesses folding.

History is repeating itself.

That may not be the last one to fold. Stay tuned.

This is not due to the

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This is not due to the construction, lets face it. Their biggest issue was market saturation - this location is only a mile away from their original location, plus there are two establishments within spitting distance who serve just as good a burger than Grass Fed for a better price. I really tried to like GF, but after a couple visits, I just end up going next door to Eugenes - better staff, better beer selection, better atmosphere, better food, better prices.

Not sure construction is the culprit

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As someone who lives in FH and walks by this strip every evening it looks like the other restaurants on the strip seem to be doing fine despite construction. And Brassica's new dinner hours are usually very crowded. I was concerned about GF for a couple months and sad to see it close. As more people move to the area I was hoping it would get more business. Perhaps a sushi or Mexican place offering a different menu from its neighbors would be a safer bet.

A real loss....

I am sorry KK is closing the Forest Hills location. I enjoyed being there and I found it so much more comfortable that the Center Street location.

I love the burgers and beer and enjoy the staff.

I will miss it!!!

they closed from management incompetence

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Has anyone interviewed any of the former employees!?? CRAZY turnover...a different manager every week it seemed like, and they went thru bartenders too. Most of the staff looked soo miserable to be there. It was ALWAYS EMPTY and you could hear the staff complaining and sometimes the owner would yell at people from the back!!! She wasn't very nice. They never even had a real sign! You could see the "Tonic" neon sign through the banner at night. Not very professional. Not AT ALL surprised it closed.