Former Brighton High football standout, accomplice sought for Chinatown murder

Hudson Street murder suspects

Wright (l) and Edwards.

Boston Police report they are looking for two men for a shooting early Saturday on Hudson Street that left a man dead.

One of the two is Ricardo Edwards, Jr., 23, who, as a running back for the Brighton High School Bengals in 2013, scored a record six touchdowns in one game - a 44-23 victory over East Boston. To get to that point, Edwards had to overcome adversity - he left his mother behind in Jamaica as a boy to live with his father - who was imprisoned not long after for his role in a drug conspiracy.

Police say Edwards is 5'7" and 5'7" and 180 lbs.

Police say Edwards was accompanied by Greg Wright, 21, of Cambridge, whom they described as 5'10" and 180 lbs.

Police have yet to release the name of the victim, a man in his 20s who was found shot around 2:35 a.m. at 66 Hudson St.

If you know their whereabouts, you can contact BPD homicide detectives at 617-343-4470 or the anonymous tip line by calling 800-494-TIPS or by texting TIP to CRIME (27463).

Innocent, etc.



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Apologizing much?...

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He was a football star 4 years ago, and he overcame adversity,...oh and he likely shot and killed someone in cold blood - but football, and adversity.

What does those two thing have to do with this sad story? A life was lost here.

It's clear from his mugshot that he was arrested previously (along with his buddy). Should that part of his "resume" be included along with his stellar football stats?

Mother of gawd.

But we could that for almost

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But we could that for almost every criminal. Why do it though? Playing a good game of football doesn't make him a better person.

No you couldn't....

Most of the gangbanger murders from Boston never did anything in HS. This man at least did something at a young age that may have given him some sort of promise (even if it were at a d3 college like Mt, Ida, curry, etc). I think Adam is fine in his headlines here...

So what is more important to the storyline?...

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So what is more important to the storyline, the fact that he was good at football ( in high school) or what he has been up to in the last 4 years.

The headline is making it seem like some heisman trophy winner/all American randomly got into a bar fight ang killed someone. This guy played football at Brighton high, then (evidently) turned to crime and is currently being sought for murder.

Trust me, the victim's family isn't going to care out his TD totals.

You are not very good with shades of gray, are you?

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The most important thing is that the police are looking for these two guys, obviously.

The fact that one of the two has a past that makes one wonder how he got to that point is part of the story, as well. Not you, of course, you don't wonder about anything, it seems, but some of us.

Shades of Gray?

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No, I can see things from all angles. Was this guy also an accomplished doctor, humanitarian, or hold some other distinguished title? No, this guy played HS football.

When someone is murdered, I really don't care about a suspect's "path or journey" into violent crime.

There is no gray area there. I love you Adam but we just differ here , Sorry.

It is important actually.....

To know why humans kill other humans and people are interested in reading about it, watching movies on it, etc. Most of these killings are done by people who were abused as children and these children often had unchecked mental health problems because of their parents/health care system/etc.

Most of the killers never played HS football because even at Brighton High, there are academic standards and practice rules that most gangbangers are never able to do.

What makes this story a little more interesting is that here is a person who appeared to be doing at least some of the right things (be academically eligible to play football and have the commitment to an extra curricular activity) but ends up killing another human. Adam realized this and put it in the headline and story which made it more interesting to a lot of people. I assume they teach this in the journalism 101 class.

Why do it?

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Because criminals ARE humans too.

Unless you are of the school of thought that says every evil person is born evil, or willingly chose to allow Satan to control their actions to ruin God's work on Earth, or some other such bullshit about why crimes happen where the criminal is always unredeemable even if all they did is steal a candy bar...then, sure, it wouldn't matter at all what their prior life was about because, to you, they had no willpower over their evilness, or worse, they willed themselves into being evil so we should just mop up the results and be done with it.

But, if we want fewer people to do truly heinous things, then we should find out more about the ones that do those things, not less. If every criminal (and in this case, *suspected* criminal) has a story from a time when they *were* a better person, then what's the harm in finding out that they used to be a good person AND something happened (maybe even lots of things) that caused them to stray from being a good person.

We can both condemn the action, even the person as they are now if that's necessary, AND review their former life when they weren't the criminal they've become. Turning criminals into unredeemable targets of anger/rage doesn't do anything other than make you feel more righteous. There's enough of that in this world, isn't there? And whether you ignore or review their past history, it doesn't change what they did in their recent history. Knowing who they were and determining what they've just done are two separable thoughts with a common thread: them.

So being good at football...

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So being good at football 4 years ago equates to a life of promise? How many arrests has he had in the meantime? Come on.

The majority of young men

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The majority of young men arrested in Boston attended a local High School. Are you going to include this information in all your stories or do you have a bias against certain schools?

Multiple tragedies

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I teach school where this young man attended. It's not about having a good football score, It's a tragedy because someone lost a life, and somewhere along the way this young man strayed far away from the path he was on. I knew him as nothing but a kind and compassionate young man, and I see this as a terrible tragedy for multiple people.

I'll Bet...

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I will bet that he will use prior head trauma and the possibility of CTE in his defense. All the good liberals on his jury will have their hearts melt and blame the macho-male culture of Football for turning his life in this evil direction. Maybe they'll give him a personal foul and 15 yard penalty for unnecessary roughness. No way a Boston jury finds him guilty of murder.


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Adam, I live in Boston and I've served on Boston District Court juries. I have experience deliberating with people who are unwilling to convict the very obviously guilty. Don't tell me that I don't know, because you just don't know what I've experienced. There is a strong desire in that room to forgive the unforgivable. No way a Boston jury convicts this guy of murder or manslaughter. The ADA will allow him to plead to a much reduced non-felony with time served rather than risk losing in court. Mark my words--this guy will kill again. On the streets, not in prison.

Besides, you know my email address. Let's meet up if you think I'm just being internet tough. No threat--just to talk. You may be surprised.


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If I'm his attorney and advocate in court I bring it up. How long did he play? Pop Warner youth football begins in grade school. How many concussions could I argue he has had. I only need one bleeding heart on the jury. Classic plea bargain to a misdemeanor for a cold-blooded killer they will put back on the streets to kill again. No way if I'm the DA that I let this go to a murder charge in court. I'll want a prior conviction on his record when it happens again. Another life lost.

Or am I am I just a neanderthal Trump loving knuckle dragging internet tough guy as Adam suggests?

That said

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There's a little issue of evidence. You'd need to prove the theory. Perhaps a doctor's diagnosis would suffice, but the DA might ask for a CAT (or MRI) to show brain damage. Otherwise, it's an unproven theory.

I've been a part of a few dozen murder trials.......

If there is enough evidence, the defense pleas out, if not then other defenses stronger than football concussions might come into play, and if you bring that defense out, your already rolling the dice by admitting he actually did in fact kill someone. That's not where you want to play your cards as a defense attorney unless you have not other options and are reaching.