Former state Rep. Carlos Henriquez looks to run for Jackson's council seat

Politico reports that Carlos Henriquez, expelled from the House in 2014 is looking at joining the crowded race for the District 7 City Council seat that Tito Jackson is leaving to run for mayor.



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Roxbury deserves better

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Roxbury deserves better candidates than this. Can't someone thoughtful like Bob Gittens run or something?


As a member of this district

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I agree. I hope some there is some momentum behind a new candidate and not one of the names people have heard before, like Henriquez. With so many people running, the vote may be really splintered. Hope we don't have to deal with another disappointing council rep.


Fabulous District 7 Candidate

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Kim Janey is running for that seat. She and her entire family have been active in Roxbury and beyond for many years. Kim is a public ed advocate and will do great things for the city. She has never held or ran for public office before