Frog-loving neo-Nazis assemble, scream on the Common

Fascists on Boston Common

Margaret Felice caught some MAGAts defending their success with women or something on the Common today.

Luke O'Neil was in the middle of it and captured the out-of-towners screaming into a megaphone and, in a couple of cases, getting arrested and being led off to the prisoner vans by the Earl of Sandwich.

In addition to a frog sign, one waved a large green flag based on the German Kriegsmarine flag from World War II (and another waved a World War II Japanese military flag, you know, the one they used in the attack on Pearl Harbor) as they screamed about "freedom."

Jack Smith IV captured their initiation rite, which involves punching a new member to the ground.

Boston Police mostly separated them from the competing antifa anti-protest protesters, who achieved a strategic victory by claiming the Soldiers and Sailors Monument hill, forcing the pickup-truck brigade to stay down by the Parkman Bandstand.



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This makes me sad

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This makes me feel bad for actual literal soggy sacks of manure that so unfairly are brought into comparison.

Mongo and the Free Speech movement

This video was posted today on a thread about Boston "Free Speech Rally" yesterday. Was it shot in Boston?

I wish it included video of what happened right before this clip so we 'd know if mohawk guy-- Mongo --punching long-hair guy was self-defense or battery. In other words, who punched who first. In the video long-hair guy takes a defensive position. He does not know a punch to his face is coming. He is bracing himself from being pushed out of the way. Mongo is not the man Boston Police arrested.

It's shot by a person standing behind Mongo. Was it a friend or a bystander? If it was a friend, did he know what was coming?

From the comment section, readers of getwaypundit think this punch is a victory for the Free Speech movement.

Mongo was Alex Karras in Blazing Saddles. Link to video embed won't work.

Hebrew Israelites?

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Does anyone remember the Black Hebrew Israelites who would congregate at prominent locations Boston, stand in a circle while one member would stand in the center with a megaphone shouting random bits of theology and insults at passersby? I remember seeing them over twenty years ago at Central Square and Dudley Square and other places I can't remember. Although the group above and the BHIs are different types of racists they sound like they would get along with one another if not for each others' races.


Summertime must be just around the corner, all of the bug-outs (BHIs, fake monks, antifas, Frog/Trump people) are coming out of the woodwork! Although I haven't seen BHIs in Boston for quite some time, I did see them in SF last year. Do you remember those people who used to march in the Common and around Harvard Square in the 90s with the signs that said "Save The Planet, Kill Yourself"? Dadaists maybe?

Why yes I do ...

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Do you remember those people who used to march in the Common and around Harvard Square in the 90s with the signs that said "Save The Planet, Kill Yourself"?

Why yes I do.

That would be Boston's very own Church of Euthanasia.

Don't feel like you need to click the above. Sometimes not knowing is better.

I did follow the link.

Chris Korda sounds like a brilliant person. After reading about KIK and PEPE the frog, it seemed almost sane.


Native born Pythons!

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I didn't understand a word their spokeman (were there ever any women in the group?). Their placards said something about the ten commandments being numbered more like a couple of hundred. The costumes were interesting; reminded me of a Cecil B. DeMille ancient Egyptian epic. They struck me more as giving interesting flavor to Central Square. If they were not serious they could have been actors for a Monty Python skit.

No women

Their shipment from West Slobovia and Impoverishtan failed to clear customs.

Otherwise, they don't have any ungrateful (self-respecting) US women around because they've all been mentally poisoned by lesbian feminists ... or is that feminist lesbians? In any case, they won't be getting any doors opened for them if they do because All Women are (tangled custom in-group pejorative) because they won't sleep with abusive creeps on demand!


Um, wouldn't that mean finding a mate? And, being past puberty ...


I hate to trigger you.

But, this simply doesn't fit the narrative. It almost fake news. But, it's not. It's real.

WOW!! (not to steal your copyrighted all-caps style)...Look at the variety of people.

Bottom line is if you actually took time out to look, you would see this.


I don't see anyone in that photo who presents as female.


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You don't know how any of the people that photo identify themselves. They could be female. They could be lesbians. They could be Native American, Mexican, French. They could be Muslim, Jewish, Atheists.


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Present? Yes.

Even worse

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I do see one who presents as a Yankees fan.


this looks like an office paintball outing that somebody was kind enough to invite the interns and janitor to (those cuties up front)

so capecoddah which one are you?

Oh, they're around

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In fact, I see them along Tremont Street at the Common when I am walking on Sunday afternoons.

I never stop, so the insults and other things are lost on me. Hopefully they have stopped that.

Those guys are still around

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Those guys are still around in Times Square in New York...I was there one Saturday afternoon when they were complaining about Beyonce for some reason or another...

by who???

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"getting arrested and being led off to the prisoner vans by the Earl of Sandwich."


Sorry, Adam, had to.

Oh, I know!

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I need to stop using "by" when "near" would work, because I keep getting myself into this sort of trouble :-).


When I first read the headline I was trying to figure out what this had to do with Sandwich Massachusetts.

What about the counter

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What about the counter protesters carrying Soviet flags dressed in all black?

This group identifies as Democratic Socialists

I was happy fisticuffs were discouraged. Boston Police kept a line between Trump proud boys, alt-right and oathkeepers near the bandstand and Democratic Socialists, non-violent students and Antifa(cists) up the hill.

WCVB reported there were two people cuffed, a proud boy and the girl he punched. He did it right in front of the Boston Police.

Boston Globe:

One person from each side was arrested after they got into a “physical altercation,” according to Officer Rachel McGuire, a police spokeswoman. They were identified only as a 19-year-old California woman and a 28-year-old New York man.

A guy who was broadcasting a live feed named Tim Pool said he was threatened, which is the story on conservative blogs. They're saying he was assaulted aka yelled at. Same blogs are not reporting proud boy punching the girl in the face. Oh well, the right says the left is violent.


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capecoddah is disingenuously referring to the fact that "nazis" were, strictly speaking, "national socialists", s/he wasn't referring to the legitimate Solidarity and other socialists present today.

the right pulls that nugget out anytime they run out of arguments against socialism (so, frequently).

kinda like how they love to say that abraham lincoln was a republican and blablaarglebargle etc etc..

I just watched the Tim Pool

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I just watched the Tim Pool stream after it was all over. He definitely got smacked by some douche in a blue bandana for standing there and asking questions/filming. Very tolerant.

Thank you to the Boston Police for keeping this civil, unlike in other places.

Someone had to explain this

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Someone had to explain this flag to me (it is a flag in the style of a Nazi flag for a fictional country invented on the internet). A crowd whose political movement is largely comprised of memes kept shouting about how we live in our parents' basements,

Is Donald Trump racist? David Duke and Richard Spencer think so.

  • Claims to have “a great relationship with the blacks.” "The blacks" didn't agree at the polls.
  • He claimed a judge was biased because “he’s a Mexican.” He was born in Indiana.
  • The Justice Department sued his company twice for not renting to black people
  • Workers at Trump’s casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey, have accused him of racism over the years. The New Jersey Casino Control Commission fined the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino $200,000 in 1992 because managers would remove African-American card dealers at the request of a certain big-spending gambler. A state appeals court upheld the fine.
  • He refused to condemn the white supremacists like David Duke and Richard Spencer who advocated for him
  • He questioned whether President Obama was born in the United States
  • He treats racial groups as monoliths
  • In 1993, Trump wanted to open a casino in Bridgeport, Connecticut, that would compete with one owned by the Mashantucket Pequot Nation, a local Native American tribe. He told the House subcommittee on Native American Affairs that the Pequots “don’t look like Indians to me... They don’t look like Indians to Indians.”
  • He encouraged the mob anger that resulted in the wrongful imprisonment of the Central Park Five and continues to talk about them as guilty after they were exonerated
  • He condoned the beating of a Black Lives Matter protester
  • He called supporters who beat a homeless Latino in Boston man “passionate”
  • He stereotyped Jews and shared an anti-Semitic image created by white supremacists

This is a good read about the protest with lots of video and photos.


The cold, humid air was charged with the idea of violence in the way a strip club is charged with the idea of sex, and yet no one seemed willing to fulfill its promise. I did witness a handful of arrests, when a couple of Proud Boys crossed lines to instigate trouble, and were summarily dispatched by the police.

I'd take it with a grain of salt.

"Are the people who wave this flag into Trump or making fun?" Easy answer is of course, they're nazi racists like Trump. Truth is a little more complicated. Trump is neither racist nor anti Semitic.His followers run the gamut from people that had to vote for him to stop Hillary to, well, just about anyone heading right wing.

Problem is some 'progressives' are so twisted they can't think straight. Look at some of Swirl's insane rantings. Random caps, calling people 'mouth breathing neck beards', insults like that. People can read and they know what you think of them.
You want more Trump? That's how you get more Trump.

Esquire: "It's one thing to be confronted with this sort of empty, rudderless white supremacist rhetoric online, but to see it manifest into human form is alarming."
Considering the picture posted above... Oh, it must be a photoshop, it doesn't fit the narrative.
The whole 'Kekistan' thing is a reddit/4chan thing, incomprehensible to most people. Thank God. As far as the flag, from what I can tell it's similar to a Kriegsmarine flag, but with the colors reversed (green is the negative of red), no swastika in the middle and some hearts where the German Iron Cross would go. Real neo nazis tend to use real swastikas.

Apparently these folks tour the country, staging clashes with the antifa all over the place. There's a bunch of youtube vids of them engaged in conversation in Berkeley, with the cops not too close.

At least in Boston, the cops were between them or there would have been a 'bit of a scrum' as they say in England.

Claims to have “a great

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Claims to have “a great relationship with the blacks.” "The blacks" didn't agree at the polls.

The irony is that it's "the blacks" who didn't show up at the polls who helped him carry the election.

Does that count as a great relationship?

Oh, you've been away for awhile, then

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Yes, I voted for Sanders in the primary. I voted for the mainstream Democrat in November. I was born an American, I'll die an American and fuck anybody who thinks they can take that away from me.

Yeah, sorry, that green flag is a Nazi flag. Also fun, the mama's boys yelling "Milk, milk, milk!" which, OK, is an American white-nationalist thing (because milk is white, and oh, they're so suave), but at this point in our American experiment, neo-Nazis and white nationalists have become one and the same.

Perhaps you should read the preamble to the Constitution

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Promote the general welfare - Socialist
Form a union - Socialist
Common defense - Socialist

Different type of union

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Lest you forget, apartheid was put into force by the Union of South Africa.

And I'm fairly sure that a bunch of states forming a single armed force for the common defense is not a socialist ideal. Just look at the EU's attempt at a common defense policy and which political groupings were the most against it.

That green flag

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Is simply 4chan's flag they "fly" when "raiding." I bet you also think the "Okay" hand gesture is a white power symbol.

Oh, please, don't be such a maroon

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Go look up "Nazi kriegsmarine flag." If you fail to see where the frog version came from, I'm going to suggest you make an appointment with an ophthalmologist.


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They like to deflect by claiming to be a parody. But they forget that the definition of a parody does certainly not include actually supporting that which is "parodied".
Pepe shitposters very clearly support white nationalism, white supremacy etc. on any type of forum, notably including those where the extreme right is amongst themselves. It is nonsense to claim that a participant of a serious discussion is a parody while expressing the exact same opinions as everyone else there, in a clearly not parodistic, ironic or exaggerated fascion(sic).
It can't be said more clearly, being an outspoken racist or fascist isn't magically a parody just because the avatar includes a cartoon frog.

Initiation rite?

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I was expecting some sort of MS-13 style beat down, but that was more like a tickle-fight. Very disappointing.

Because punching Nazis ...

And throwing drinks on rapists is wayyyyyyyyyy worse than advocating that rape be legalized or that people be thrown out of helicopters?

Maybe you should move to Chechnya and walk around in pink pants with a rainbow flag if you don't understand where this all leads.

The other side can use that

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The other side can use that logic too. It's a slippery slope.

When looking at the full spectrum of what constitutes assault, sure throwing a drink in someone's face is on the low end. And I'm sure that's exactly what people argue to a judge when they spit at a bus driver or dump some drink on them as has made the news here on multiple occasions. I wonder how that defense worked out for them.

Not really

Not given the level of violence being espoused from 45 on over to this mob.

Honey, I learned quite young that bullies won't be stopped by authority figures like teachers and administrators - in fact, they will be accommodated. They won't be stopped by sitting on the floor and singing Kumbaya while they set up a beat down. They will be stopped by decisive self defense, humiliation resulting from losing an unfair fight, and memorable physical injuries inflicted by their prey.

Freedom of speech, anyone?

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I definitely think these people are total scum, but your right to inflict physical injury upon them stops just short of their faces. Free speech is a messy business. You don't get to dictate what people advocate for and what they don't.


You can have the moral high ground all the way to the ovens.

One punch thrown at "Free Speech Rally" thrown by proud boy.

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Proud boys take credit for western civilization and say they are proud of it and refuse to be whatever. He hit a woman in the face. For reasons I do not understand, she was arrested too.

It's obvious to me the "Free Speech Rally" is about power and part of that power is fear and intimidation including non-lethal violence.

I'm reminded of Donald Trump telling his flock at campaign rallies that if they took care of business like in the good ole days he'd pay their legal fees. we saw videos of supporters tee-ing off on protesters. I wonder who is bailing the guys at Free speech rallies out when they get pinched. At least one of the guys in Boston was also in Berkeley.

That's a stretch...

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There's a huge difference between a genocidal regime overrunning all of Europe and a bunch of racist asshats gathering to voice their ignorant political views.


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Where exactly do you think the former came from, if not unchecked momentum from the latter


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Some of them find it necessary to wear masks or hats and sunglasses. The poor widdle cowards afwaid to show their faces.

uh, if you mean the ones in black

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and on the hill, those are the antifascists, and covering up is necessary for their safety. At least one planning meeting prior to this action was infiltrated by a neonazi who threatened retaliation.


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Just the pathetic Nazi losers in photo above.


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That the far-left in masks, the right are the ones wearing batting helmets.


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Touched a nerve, did I? It's almost a shame you remain a meaningless anon and always will. You poor sad thing.

On what basis are you

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On what basis are you claiming they are neo-nazis?

What is actually the purpose behind the event? It must be mentioned online someplace.

actions also mean things

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so while I get your point, what then do you call someone who openly supports neonazi and white nationalist ideas and attempts to incite violence?

call them what they are, since they're so into it.


Why should anyone care about your opinion on what does or not qualify a person as a neonazi?

fascists or commies

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I don't think everyone there could be classified as a fascist or communist. It is interesting though that when we want to understand the nature of the standoff we favor an analysis that isn't complex.

The arrests

Anyone know what the fascists were arrested for? Just yelling and screaming idiocy doesn't seem like an arrestable offence.

Oh, good source

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About as reliable as I'm sure some people think I am. In any case, if they're correct, why were the two people carted away (at least before I stopped following the thing) neo-Nazis?

How the opposition organized

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Proud boy (red hat) punched girl in the face. Were either charged? What did she do to get arrested?

A representative from NoHateInBoston, student non-violent protesters, democratic socialists and antifa met with police and told them they did not want violence but they would defend themselves.

They said they'd like to take up the position on the hill near the soldier and sailor monument. This approach gave Boston Police a natural demarcation to police, the footpath, which they did, using their bicycle to draw a line.

NoHateInBoston and Democratic Socialists organize around workers rights, male, female, white, people of color, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Atheist you get the picture. The spokesman is a social worker in Lynn. He said they choose to take a stand against hate speech in our city.

Our society is in a tug of war between extremists

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on the left and right.Most Americans, by far, don't fall into either category of extremist. These extremist on the left and right, really two peas in a pod from a psychological standpoint, are responsible for provoking violence and tension to further their respective cause. They prey on weak, gullible, fragile people, and those with serious mental health and personality disorders.

Anyone who went anywhere else today made a better choice

And there were so many better things to choose from: Somerville Porchfest (my choice), Wake Up The Earth Festival in JP, Lilac Saturday, Watch City Steampunk Festival in Waltham, Cambridge Open Studios, Fort Point Open Studios, a festival on Cambridge Common, a festival at The Lawn on D, ...

What's up with all the camo? Is this a veterans group?

I can understand it if you served.

If you didn't, you either have pretensions to be part of a right-wing paramilitary organization, which is profoundly scary, or you're a wannabe soldier without the balls to actually be willing to die for your country.

As a citizen with multiple relatives currently in the military, and several who died fighting for the American cause (like the uncle I was named after), this strikes me as tantamount to stolen valor.

Not an actual veteran? You're either neo-Nazi scum, or a risible fake tough guy. Neither is a good look for you, cosplay warrior.


The group was originally just veterans. I'm not sure about now, but probably most of the people you see are veterans.

Most demonstrations I've seen involving actual veterans

proudly include overt indications (plackards, insignia, service awards) of their armed forces affiliations. The majority of these assholes' outfits look blankly generic, like they kitted up at Kenmore Army & Navy a couple of blocks away.

Am I missing something?

they are clearly veterans

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Third Fetishist Division, 32nd Dress-Up Battalion

Veterans of the Pillow Fort Siege of Aught-Nine.


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You really are gullible when it comes to rightwing pagentry, aren't you luv?

Free Speech

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Just because you can say anything doesn't mean you should.