The fruitin' o' the green

Dewey Square fruit vendor on St. Patrick's Day

Rovin' UHub photographer Jed Hresko captured a Dewey Square fruit vendor this morning all ready for the day.



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Re the headgear

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So, the "Irish/Celtic Viking" is really A Thing now, huh?

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There have been plenty of excavations in Dublin to show that the city was well occupied by Vikings. (Dubh Linn - Black Pool) was the Viking settlement. Baile Atha Claith, which is the official name of the city in Irish, was the name of the old Irish settlement that used to border the Viking settlement.

Waterford and Wexford were Viking started cities.

Youghal in Cork had a Jewish mayor in the 1600's, while both Belfast and Dublin have had Jewish mayors in the past 100 years.

I heard the Irish Minister For Children and Youth speak this morning. She is a part Italian American lesbian from Seattle.

They are not all named Walsh, Murphy, and Clancy you know.

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Oh yes, well aware of the

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Oh yes, well aware of the historical evidence you mention. I was referring to the rather awkward, but inevitable attempt to commercialize the Irish-Viking link, vis-a-vis the aforementioned headgear. Oh well, Valhalla or Connacht -- it's all good.

(And yes, great that Katherine Zappone was here today. Interested to read about her association with BC in Kevin Cullen's column.)

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i mean

vikings kind of got around, you know!

you need no further proof than thursday, actually

E: it should be noted that the horn thing is an ornament that has no factual basis other than looking cool or badass, or, ultimately, tacky, at this point

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If it was the Great Highland

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If it was the Great Highland Bagpipes (GHB), well, yeah*. But Ireland has its own distinctive piping tradition with the uilleann pipes, which are blown with a bellows attached to the piper's arm (and which are nigh impossible to play standing up). However, for a variety of reasons, the Scottish GHB became incorporated into some aspects of Irish culture, notably as an instrument for marching bands. Speaking broadly, though, the Scottish GBH repertoire is more diverse and layered; the Irish GBH repertoire tends to draw mainly on marches and popular tunes.

*-That being said, there are bagpipes found in many parts of the world, like Turkey, France, Spain, the Balkans and Northern Africa.

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