Good grief: $45 for a Charlie Brown Christmas tree?

Expensive Charlie Brown Christmas tree in Kendall Square

Kate Wilson spotted these $45 tabletop trees in Kendall Square and wondered if that's really the going rate in the Boston area or are they just carrying that Kendall Square premium.

Marainniss quickly replied that with just a little searching, you could do better. Like try this apparently free pitiful tree on the center platform at the Park Street Red Line stop:

Charlie Brown tree in Boston subway station

Midway between the two are the $21 tabletop trees Eileen Murphy reports spotting at the South Boston Stop & Shop.




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A Beautiful Wreath From My Sister, Rosemary!

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For many years, my sister, Rosemary, has been sending me a wreath of fresh greens at Christmastime. This wreath arrived today! It looks beautiful and smells lovely, even to my cat, Henry!

Of course, this has little to do with the story, but it seemed an opportune chance to send a special Thank You to Rosemary for her thoughtful gift!



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Such a cute cat...Love the bushy tail!



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thats kind of a lush tree to be considered a Charlie Brown (or Archie Bunker) Christmas tree. And still overpriced.

Back in Maine

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Back in Maine, that would run you about 12 dollars. Boston prices are absolutely ridiculous all around.

$5 permit in Alberta

Pay on line, download all the rules and a form, and go out and cut something that is in the right of way of the roadway or under/around high voltage power lines. Cut up to 5 trees per permit, mark where you cut them, and turn it back in.

This is a great way to keep the right of way clear without sending crews in.

My sister-in-law and I had a great time a couple of years ago bringing in the tree harvest. We went out and cut three of these small trees for her home daycare kiddies to decorate, then cut two larger trees for her home and her mother's home. My brother's car was full of trees, which smelled amazing! I still have some pitch on my old snow pants.

I wish we could do something like that here - cut trees that are doomed anyway and use them as Christmas trees.

If you've got a car...

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...and you want a good tree for not much money, I'd suggest a trip to a tree farm. You probably knew that already, but...