Garden to pay $1.65 million after getting all oopsie over those benefit events it never held

WBZ reports DCR will kick in another $1 million for an athletic something-or-other, maybe even an ice rink, for Jackson Square, after those high-school kids discovered the Garden and the state just plumb forgot all about those benefits that were made a condition of construction for the new Garden.



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    Isn't that nice?

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    We know of course why they "forgot". They hoped that everyone else would too, and heck, if someone remembered they'd make a minimal "oops" payment, chalk it up to the cost of doing business, and walk away.

    If they really want to help with the project; cough up the roughly 13 million they should have raised in the intervening years.

    How was this settlement negotiated?

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    Why not take the value of each skipped event, plus 7% annual interest, and then triple it for punitive reasons?

    They'd still be getting off easy, if no investigation into whether anyone intentionally forgot or was paid to forget.

    Here's how they came up with that figure

    From the Globe:

    Officials said the retroactive sum was calculated based on what TD Garden raises in other community-style fund-raisers, particularly the three it holds each year for the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association. Thse venue raises $25,000 in net proceeds each year from those three events. Adding up that amount for 22 years — when TD Garden was first opened – would equal $550,000. Latimer said TD Garden decided to triple that amount.

    Market Value?

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    It only costs a company $25K to rent the Garden?

    Or does the Garden potentially make a lot more than what a community event might *net*, by keeping those Garden resources available for possible commercial use (which might use those resources plus others)?

    Right. Because we need Legislature-sanctioned

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    EXTORTION - which is exactly what the idiotic law is. Government should NOT be in the business of promoting charity or forcing private businesses to support charity - especially as a condition of receiving required permits, approvals, etc..

    Once Again

    Your failure to understand how PUBLIC resources were needed to build this PRIVATE complex does not mean that it was extortion or wrong for the PUBLIC to get some PAYMENT for PUBLIC LAND involved in the deal.

    If your neighbor demanded a piece of land on your property, you would expect to be paid for that. If you and your neighbor had a deal in exchange for an easement on your property, you would expect them to live up to their side of the CONTRACT. Why you cannot understand the concept of PAYMENT FOR PUBLIC LAND I don't know.

    Why does it seem like

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    The funds are only going to allocated to certain parts of the city. Shouldn't the funds be evenly distributed?


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    It was kids from Hyde/Jackson Square who found the old language.

    So they're

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    Fighting a violation of contractual language by looking to hord the cash and further violate said language.

    No fair

    Those kids from Jackson Square get everything good. Why can't the City spend more money in West Roxbury?


    Honest question

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    What youth programs has the city provided for that area. Are tax paying city residents not deserving of programs for their children because they're white.

    How progressive if you.

    Thats it???

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    I say the city/state pull their license to operate until Boston Properties or whomever owns the garden pays up!

    License to operate?

    It's a (expletive) arena. It just sits there until somebody performs inside of it.

    I'm really not comfortable with the idea that the TD Garden simply exists because government granted it a license.

    Also, the scenario you describe would entail rich white people not getting something that they want from government. Yeahhhhhhh.

    What about the rest of us?

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    I mean that's nice and all that they'll donate a portion of what they owe specifically to the Jackson Sq project, but what is their plan moving forward? The students found that they owe $10.8 million total over the years. It's almost as if they're saying here take $1.65 million for your project as a nice gesture and laying the issue to rest.

    Just a few blocks away from the Garden

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    Is the DCR's Lee Pool, shuttered soon after the Garden opened and since fallen into disrepair. Imagine all of the good that money would have done for the Lee and other recreational facilities around Boston, had Delaware North kept to its commitment.

    DCR (& supposed poverty)

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    This. The DCR has pled poverty for YEARS. All of a sudden now they have $1M to contribute towards a project?

    The project is worthwhile, don't get me wrong, but what about the crappy sidewalks along Memorial Drive? Or how poorly the signals operate on that stretch of road? Or how the DCR has to get "sponsorship" to plow sidewalks?


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    So who ends up paying for this, does it get passed down to Bruins ticketholders?

    What about the future?

    Who is going to hold these fundraisers going forward?

    And I see your calculations but 1.65 million seems light to me.