George and the moody sky

George Washington in the Public Garden

Alyssa Banker Hiller looked up in the Public Garden.



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Sun is to the east. Those buildings in the background are east of the Garden.

Nice Pictue

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Must have been early to get a shot without people in it.

It looks like it was during

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It looks like it was during one of those times when it would randomly sprinkle here and there. You would be surprised though, even on busy streets if you time things right you can clear a shot of people. The other thing is with the proliferation of cell phone photographers one of two things happens. On a good day more people recognize when you are trying to take a shot and frame a shot with a "real camera" so may jump out of the way knowing what their presence means. When previously they may not have comprehended or thought of composition. The problem is on the other hand it means when there is something universally interesting happening the people with the real cameras have to fight people with cell phones for positioning. I have been the official photographer at events and have had to elbow my way into a crowd to make sure I got the shot because people would rush to the ideal vantage point.