Gerrod Brown was 16 when he was shot to death last night

Friends and WFXT report the teen shot to death on Parker Street in the Mildred Hailey project last night was Gerrod Brown, 16.

Domingos DaRosa, president of the Boston Bengals youth-football league, reports Brown was a former player in the league.

Our children deserve better!

We adults need to step up and do better!!!

I'm so heart broken!!!!!!!!!!



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Very sad.

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Sad to see any life taken especially a 16 year old.

Hope his family and friends have the support to help deal with this tragedy.

Gerrod Brown Jr

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What a beautiful young man! I extend my deepest sympathy to his parents and lovely family. I feel very angry it was a son who wanted to do something with his life, or any life cut down by cowardly people. Anyone, who placed anything negative in comments is a coward. As a mother of 5 sons, I feel Gerrod’s mother’s pain to the core of my soul! This too shall pass...I know God gave us
Memories to heal but, I pray for his mother’s strength, every time she opens the door to Gerrod’s room. God Bless this familly, the real grief is after Services and laying your child to rest is over, everyone returns to their life...then reality, finality of it all deep grieving begins! Stay strong mother....Wrhy

Why was he no longer playing

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Why was he no longer playing on the league? Sports is a positive thing for kids to do when they are in school. It can be something that can help keep them out of trouble. It takes a village. This isn't right.

Good kid looking for a way out

I spoke to Domingos today. He reiterated that he was a good kid looking for a way up and out and was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. He was a student at Brighton High School.

Domingos made the point that he was a Bostonian like all of us and that this was a loss for all of us.

Are you serious?!?!?!

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Because he gave up sports to work and save for collage!!!! Not a car, not some sneakers, but collage!!!! He made the greatest investment towards is future.

This kid very well and yes he

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This kid very well and yes he was saving up to go to college so whoever gets on here and writes a comment or a reply and the negative form you really don't know him to even speak that and that was not what he was about he was not your typical demografico black kid who was gunned down early and had a troubled past know this kid was remarkable exceptional respectful had manners that's who Gerard Brown was


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Can't feel anything but sadness for his friends and family - tragic.

It’s sadening

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Those brick buildings have a bad reputation and is most likely the same person getting away with gun shots and murder. The mayor needs to move everyone out of those Bricks to another location and have those brick buildings all demolished