Globe Direct: The scourge that keeps on giving

Wasted Globe Directs in Cambridge

Marty McCabe lives in an apartment building with a courtyard in Central Square. And every week, somebody from Globe Direct throws 12 copies of the circular in the courtyard. And he and his neighbors are getting sick of it.



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I absolutely LOATHE the Globe Direct. I walk out to find four of them strewn about my porch, the lawn, behind my fence. I managed to get them to stop delivering by reporting them to the BBB, but it only lasted a few months. They're back in full force now.

Why can't they go out of business already??


Send them an email!

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Lucky duck

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E-mail proved useless here - along with tweets (both public and DMs) and phone calls. What finally did work was filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They're listed under the Worcester BBB (of course, makes perfect sense).

[email protected]

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Thankfully they deliver them to my steps, which are an arm's length away from the recycling bin. Easy cleanup.


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They leave these things all over the steps at my place, luckily no one has slipped and fallen on them yet.

Try the go to guy at the Boston Globe...

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For concerns re Globe Direct packets or Savings Central packets try the go to guy at the Boston Globe, email
john.mccarthy at

Coupons for groceries could be improved. Advertising in Globe Direct packets and Savings Central packets could be not so blatantly unpleasant with false come-ons, particularly bad multiple page uninformative mattresses ads.

Oh for phuks sake

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I hate the stupid things,too; just line your pet fill-in-the-blank cage with them, use them to start a fire in your fireplace, pick up dog doodoo, etc., etc.